Returning champion Illinois starts strong at Cadet National Duals in Greco

By Craig Sesker USA Wrestling | June 11, 2014, 4:57 p.m. (ET)

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Team Illinois remains on course to repeat as Greco-Roman champion at the USA Wrestling Cadet National Duals. 

The strong Illinois squad rolled to three convincing wins as the four-day Cadet National Duals kicked off on Wednesday at the Ocean Center Exhibit Hall.

Illinois earned wins over Ohio Blue (64-15), Colorado (63-13) and Florida Red (60-17) to finish first in the Greco A Pool. 

The top two teams in each of the four pools advance to compete in the Gold/Silver Pool on Thursday morning in Daytona. The finals will be wrestled on Thursday afternoon.

Washington defeated California 50-27 to win the Greco B Pool. 

Ohio Red defeated Oklahoma Blue 40-36 to win the Greco C Pool.

Pennsylvania Red defeated New Jersey 44-30 to win the Greco D Pool. 

Cadet wrestlers are born in 1998 or 1999.

Cadet Nationals Greco-Roman

June 11, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.

Pool A Finals
Illinois 60, Florida Red 17

152 Jonathon Doyle (Ilinois) over Leonardo Tarantino (Florida Red) Dec 12-9
160 Jacob Warner (Ilinois) over Erich Byelick (Florida Red) TF 12-2
170 Laurence Kosoy (Florida Red) over Rolliann Sturkey (Ilinois) Fall 1:16
182 Kamal Bey (Ilinois) over Chei Hill (Florida Red) TF 21-10
195 George Bessett (Ilinois) over Caleb Calhoun (Florida Red) Fall 0:38
220 Anthony Stalling (Ilinois) over Kyle Mann (Florida Red) Fall 0:19
285 Brian Ditchman (Ilinois) over Robert Valverde (Florida Red) Fall 0:39
88 Trey Keeley (Ilinois) over Andrew Valverde (Florida Red) TF 15-4
94 Peter Ogunsanya (Ilinois) over Elijah Varona (Florida Red) TF 10-0
100 Marcus Povlick (Ilinois) over Blake Fuller (Florida Red) TF 10-0
106 Dack Punke (Ilinois) over Devin Kohn (Florida Red) TF 10-0
113 Jason Renteria (Ilinois) over Tyler DiFiore (Florida Red) TF 10-0
120 Anthony Vizciano (Florida Red) over Ethan Reel (Ilinois) Fall 3:38
126 Dylan Duncan (Ilinois) over Bryce Marcus (Florida Red) TF 10-0
132 Blaize Punke (Ilinois) over Todd Perry (Florida Red) TF 10-0
138 Logan Gruska (Ilinois) over Leandro Velazquez (Florida Red) Fall 1:47
145 Max Wohlabaugh (Florida Red) over Anthony Cheloni (Ilinois) Dec 11-2

Pool B Finals
Washington 50, California 27

145 Riley Seward (Washington) over James Quintana (California) Dec 6-4
152 Brian Wais (Washington) over Ricardo Gonzalez (California) Dec 8-0
160 Andrew Cervantez (California) over Trey Meyer (Washington) TF 10-0
170 Mason McDaniel (Washington) over Sam Loera (California) TF 13-1
182 Bo Campbell (Washington) over Bonifacio Escobar (California) Fall 1:19
195 Kobe Rosas (California) over Holden Miller (Washington) Fall 1:41
220 Dallas Goodpaster (Washington) over Dustin Dukleth (California) TF 12-2
285 Hunter Mullins (Washington) over Gavin Nye (California) Fall 3:41
88 Brandon Kaylor (Washington) won by forfeit
94 Jacob Howerton (Washington) over Izaak Olejnik (California) TF 14-2
100 TJ Baun (Washington) over Chase Zollmann (California) Fall 3:09
106 Clai Quintanilla (Washington) over Kai Guingona (California) TF 10-0
113 Navonte Demison (California) over Chase Wickman (Washington) TF 11-1
120 Dalton Young (Washington) over Jose Figueroa (California) Dec 5-3
126 Michael Soler (Washington) over Chris DeLoza (California) TF 13-2
132 Clay Shropshire (California) over Trysten Perales (Washington) TF 10-0
138 Jack Ramalia (California) over Josh Franich (Washington) TF 12-0

Pool C Finals
Ohio Red 40, Oklahoma Blue 36

145 Payton Scott (Oklahoma Blue) over Georgio Poulas (Ohio Red) Dec 11-10
152 Tyler Wiederholt (Ohio Red) over Zane Basma (Oklahoma Blue) TF 14-4
160 Nick Vestal (Ohio Red) over Bear Hughes (Oklahoma Blue) TF 13-2
170 Drew Hinkle (Oklahoma Blue) over Tyler Stepic (Ohio Red) Fall 1:41
182 James Handwerk (Ohio Red) over Dan Baker (Oklahoma Blue) TF 11-1
195 Kendall Anderson (Oklahoma Blue) over JT Brown (Ohio Red) Fall 1:52
220 Matt Stencil (Ohio Red) over Delvin Jordan (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 1:28
285 Kevin Vough (Ohio Red) over Nevin Henson (Oklahoma Blue) TF 10-0
88 Billy Simpson (Oklahoma Blue) over Jordan Crace (Ohio Red) Dec 5-4
94 Dylan D`Emilio (Ohio Red) over Rett Golowenski (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 3-0
100 Brandon Lucas (Ohio Red) over Wes Ahrberg (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 0:53
106 Kaden Gfeller (Oklahoma Blue) over Nick Henneman (Ohio Red) Dec 11-9
113 Carsen Speelman (Ohio Red) over Jet Taylor (Oklahoma Blue) Dec 7-4
120 Daton Fix (Oklahoma Blue) over Garrett Lambert (Ohio Red) TF 10-0
126 Corey Shie (Ohio Red) over Reggie Thompson (Oklahoma Blue) Fall 1:47
132 Beau Bratcher (Oklahoma Blue) over Cole Woods (Ohio Red) Fall 2:13
138 Jaryn Curry (Oklahoma Blue) over Michael Santillo (Ohio Red) TF 11-0

Pool D Finals
Pennsylvania Red 44, New Jersey 30

152 Gage Thomas (Pennsylvania Red) over Michael Ilic (New Jersey) Fall 2:25
160 Drew Peck (Pennsylvania Red) over Luke Drugac (New Jersey) Dec 21-16
170 Brandon Dallavia (New Jersey) over Zane Black (Pennsylvania Red) TF 13-2
182 Dean Drugac (New Jersey) over Dymir Davis-Carruth (Pennsylvania Red) TF 11-1
195 Cole Nye (Pennsylvania Red) over Junid Homsi (New Jersey) Dec 9-2
220 Josiah Jones (Pennsylvania Red) over James Potts (New Jersey) TF 11-1
285 Andrew Gunning (Pennsylvania Red) over Jamie Bailey (New Jersey) TF 10-0
88 Jaret Lane (Pennsylvania Red) over Michael Colaiocco (New Jersey) TF 12-0
94 Michael Kelly (New Jersey) over Ryan Green (Pennsylvania Red) Fall 2:17
100 Matt Parker (Pennsylvania Red) over PJ Gohn (New Jersey) TF 10-0
106 William Klades (Pennsylvania Red) over Zach Sherman (New Jersey) Dec 8-6
113 Andrew Merola (New Jersey) over Ellis Popiolkowski (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
120 Wyatt Long (Pennsylvania Red) over Garrett Beam (New Jersey) TF 10-0
126 Nick Farro (New Jersey) over Victor Kenderdine (Pennsylvania Red) TF 10-0
132 Kris Lindemann (New Jersey) over Eric Hong (Pennsylvania Red) Fall 2:42
138 Cameron Coy (Pennsylvania Red) over Stephan Glasgow (New Jersey) Dec 7-0
145 Vincent Stabilito (Pennsylvania Red) over TJ Calas (New Jersey) Fall 0:27