TAKE 5 with USA Wrestling's Alyssa Lampe

By Liberty Mutual Insurance | July 14, 2014, 11:25 a.m. (ET)

When our youth athletes strive to achieve their personal best, victory is won on and off the mat. Encouraging our kids to set individual goals and focus on maximum personal effort benefits both the player and the team – in a variety of ways.

Athletes who come to realize that personal development can be even more rewarding than a win are mastery-focused athletes who build the confidence and initiative needed to succeed – in sports and in life.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Responsible Sports sat down with USA Women’s Wrestling freestyle standout Alyssa Lampe to get her thoughts on personal bests and personal records.

In our exclusive TAKE 5 interview, Alyssa told us that she “didn’t really have any goals” as a youth athlete, but once she reached high school, that started to change.

I started goal setting in high school,” said Alyssa. “A few of my coaches understood the importance of goal setting, so we'd have to set weekly short-term goals and restate our goal for the end of the season.”

Alyssa said that today, she is motivated by a very powerful, clear and aspirational goal.

Currently, my long-term goal is to win [at] the Olympics in 2016,” said Alyssa. “I set a goal every day in practice to motivate me to ultimately achieve my long-term goal.” Alyssa told us about some of those daily goals in our interview.

Alyssa believes that personal records and personal bests are a “positive motivator” for any wrestler.

“You don’t want to just go through the motions of practice, or you’ll stay where you’re at,” said Alyssa. “You also need to tailor your goals as you achieve them to keep that motivation going.”

Alyssa added that if she could encourage young wrestlers to focus on just one particular personal record or goal, she would suggest they keep it simple.

“I would say the most important personal record a young wrestler should focus on is something small, like doing a move they've been working on in practice and hitting it in a competition,” said Alyssa. “It just makes you hungry to do it more and more. That kind of motivation allows you to truly love what you’re doing.”

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