Welcome to the 2016 American Open Championships in Orlando Florida! Select a platform to watch individually, or scroll down to watch all three platforms on one page!

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RED Platform

Friday's schedule for RED platform (all times Eastern):

8:30AM - Women's 58kg D
11:00AM - Women's 58kg C
1:30PM - Women's 53kg B & 58kg B
4:00PM - Men's 56kg A
6:30PM - Men's 69kg B
8:30PM - Men's 85kg E

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WHITE Platform

Friday's schedule for WHITE Platform (all times Eastern):
8:30AM - Women's 53kg D
11:00AM - Women's 53kg C
1:30PM - Men's 62kg B
4:00PM - Women's 48kg A
6:30PM - Women's 53kg A
8:30PM - Men's 77kg D 

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BLUE Platform

Friday's schedule for the BLUE platform (all times Eastern):
8:30AM - Women's 48kg C
11:00AM - Women's 48kg B
1:30PM - Men's 69kg C
4:00PM - Men's 62kg A
6:30PM - Women's 58kg A 
8:30PM - Women's 63kg E

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