Michelle Carlton, Commissioner
1013 Brookside Rd., Suite 203
Wescoville, PA 18106
Michelle Phone: (610) 737-6944
Email: commissioner@krva.org

KRVA Office: (610) 401-3362
KRVA Events: (610) 223-2288

Website: http://www.krva.org

OPEN COURT: Try volleyball for free in the Florida Region

The Keystone Region is offering OPEN COURT for anyone interested in trying volleyball for free in one location in Millersville on Aug. 27, the Saturday following the Closing Ceremony at the Rio Olympic Games. For more information on locations, age groups, and how to register, visit the OPEN COURT page on the Keystone website.

: Find a place to play in Florida Region

If you are interested in finding a place to play in the Keystone Region, visit the Keystone website, or contact the Keystone offices.