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The USA Premier Volleyball League (PVL) is a professional volleyball league made up of teams from among the 40 Regional Volleyball Associations across the United States. The PVL is an adult High Performance initiative based on the USA Volleyball Region system, but operates under a professional sports model. The USA PVL is sanctioned by USA Volleyball (USAV) and will offer tournament play, PVL Conference Championships and a national championship event each year.

Regional Association Based Pro League

“While the PVL concept may take longer to gain momentum than other leagues in the past, I feel this model has a promising future. Many of the regions of USA Volleyball have had region High Performance programs for many years and this is a logical next step. For some regions, this will be an easier program to implement than that for junior athletes. I very much feel the future for the PVL will be bright .” Tom Pingel,
PVL Board of Directors / USA Volleyball Senior Director of Indoor Events and High Performance

Lasting Volleyball Careers

“Our players on Iowa Ice have been very excited to represent Iowa and play volleyball again. Some of our players have had the chance to play overseas, but others have stayed home with their families and jobs after college. The chance to stay in Iowa and still play volleyball is exciting to them.”  Iowa Ice Team Representative Lynne Updegraff
*Post-collegiate athletes who are interested in participating in the PVL should contact their Regional Volleyball Associations (RVA) office and inquire about their respective teams. Click here for contact information for your RVA.