Jordan Ewert

1.    Hometown, club and high school:

Antioch, Ca, Pacific Rim Volleyball Academy. Deer Valley High School

2.    Position: Outside Hitter

3.    Height, block touch and jump touch:

Height - 6' 4.5"

Block Touch – 10’5”

Jump Touch – 10’9.5

4.    Favorite Warm-Up Song: Wanted - Hunter Hayes. That's my Jam.

5.    Best Halloween costume you have ever worn: Yoda

6.    Favorite Halloween Candy: Skittles - Taste the Rainbow. 

7.    If you could meet any current or former Olympian, who would it be and why? I would like to meet Matt Anderson, because he is someone I really enjoy watching play. I hope to be as good as him someday. 

8.    Other sports/activities/hobbies: I sing, play the drums, and I have just started learning to play the guitar. I am also a Boy Scout. 

 9.    When did you start playing volleyball? The end of my 8th grade year.

10.  Are you from a "volleyball family"? Do any of your family members play collegiate or professional sports? Yes, my mom and older sister used to play volleyball.  My younger brother and younger sister currently play volleyball and both of them went to Junior National this past summer. Last, but not least, my dad really likes to pepper and shag balls.

11.  Who was the most influential person in helping you to develop as a volleyball player?
The most influential person that has helped me develop as a volleyball player is Roger Worsley. He has been my main coach throughout my years of playing and he has helped me get to where I am today. I have had other coaches, but none of them have had the impact that Roger has had on me as a player and as a person, on and off the court. 

12.  What part of your background best prepared you for playing at an elite level? 

While I have only been playing volleyball for a few years, I have played soccer my entire life. I believe the training and experience playing other sports really prepared me to be the best I can be on the volleyball court.

13.  What USAV HP Programs have you been involved in?  Are these different from other programs you have been involved in?   If so, what makes them different?


HP Beach A1

HP Indoor Future Select A1 

HP Indoor Holiday Camp


HP Indoor Select A1

HP Holiday Camp


HP Indoor Select A1

Participating in the HP Program has really helped me develop my skills as a player. It is awesome to be coached by great coaches and to play with great volleyball players from all over the nation. I've learned so much and made some lifelong friends. 

14.  What is the happiest moment in your volleyball career?
The happiest moment in my volleyball career was winning the gold medal at High Performance Championships. We were down 14-9 in the 5th to a set to a Youth (Red) team, but we pulled it together and somehow came out with the win. It was one of the hardest and most fun games I have ever played, but it just showed me that the game is never over until the last whistle is blown.  

15.  Describe some improvements you want to make, in the coming year, in the physical or mental side of your game.
I would definitely like to increase my vertical jump significantly. I'm not one of the tallest players anymore, and so I am going to need to out jump everyone else.  I also want to work on staying competitive and giving my all no matter what the game is and what team we are playing.

16.  Do you want to play volleyball collegiately and/or professionally?  Do you strive to represent the USA one day as an Olympian?
I do want to play collegiately and professionally. I hope to one day put USA on my back and represent our country in the Olympics and be a future gold medalist.