Canucks Celebrate Canada Day at the BJNC

By Darci Miller | July 02, 2013, 10:34 p.m. (ET)
 The Canuck Dinos are the only Canadian team remaining at the 2013 USA Volleyball Boys' Junior National Championships.

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RENO, Nev. (July 2, 2013) – It was Canada Day on Monday, July 1, 2013. While most Canadians were celebrating their country’s birthday with fireworks, carnivals and concerts, things were a little different for Quinn Bromley, a native of Calgary, Alberta.

“I sat in my hotel and saw my friends partying on Instagram,” he said, chuckling.

Bromley is an opposite on the Canuck Dinos, competing in the 17 Club division at the 2013 USA Volleyball Boys’ Junior National Championships (BJNC). He and his teammates spent Canada Day in Reno, Nev., competing for an American junior national championship.

“It was a little different than being in Canada on Canada Day!” Canuck Dinos Head Coach Kerry MacDonald said. “It’s probably like being in Canada on July 4th. It was nonexistent, which we knew to expect, so that was fine. It was just kind of another day. We came out and played volleyball.”

“I wished everyone happy Canada Day, even down here,” middle blocker Jared Lee said. “No one really knows it’s Canada Day down here,” he added with a chuckle.

The lack of Canada Day isn’t the only difference noticed by the Canucks. The American game of volleyball has several rule variations from the Canadian game, and the players have had to adjust accordingly. American teams are allowed two liberos, while Canadian teams can only have one. American volleyball allows 12 substitutions, and Canadian volleyball only allows six. Liberos are allowed to serve in America, while they can’t in Canada.

“We do a lot more shaking of hands before and after the games with referees and teams,” MacDonald said, laughing about living up to the polite Canadian stereotype. “It’s embedded in our rules, even!”

The Canucks are seeded fourth overall in their division and believe they can achieve a top-four finish, despite the fact that they’re a little rusty. The Canadian national championships were in early May and the team hasn’t played any matches since then, but MacDonald is pleased with the way his team is responding to the competition.

“So far we’re 4-0. Not too bad, definitely not,” he said. “We had one strong match yesterday and kind of built up towards it, and we’re hoping we’ll be able to do the same today.”

Win or lose, the Canucks will be in Reno for the United States’ Independence Day, which is an experience they’re extremely excited for.

“I’ve never been able to experience that, so I don’t really know what it’s going to be like,” Bromley said. “We’ll see what’s going on. It’ll be fun.”

“We’ll be out and about, checking it out,” Lee added. “I’ve heard it’s kind of a big deal down here.”

“We might go up to Lake Tahoe and see if there’s some fireworks or anything there that night,” MacDonald said. “Not really sure. But we’re going to try and take in the festivities.”

With any luck, the Canucks are hoping to celebrate the Fourth of July with a Canadian BJNC tournament win. Though it’s this group’s first time playing in this tournament and they’ve had to contend with temperatures that are double the current temperature in Calgary, MacDonald and his players believe they can tough it out and contend with the best.

“Whoever shows up to play is going to win [the tournament],” Lee said. “All the teams here are talented pretty equally, so it should be interesting.”

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2013 USA Volleyball Boys’ Junior National Championships
12 Club: Gold – Warriors VC 12 (Puerto Rico); Silver – Vaqueros 12-1 (Puerto Rico); Bronze – Bayou Boys 12 U (Bayou), HVA 121 Young Guns (Lone Star)
13 Club: July 2-4
14 Open: June 28-July 1
14 Club: Gold – Southside B14 (Moku O Keawe); Silver – Pittsburgh 14 Black (Keystone); Bronze – Team Rockstar 14-1 (Southern California), Ku’ikahi 14R RoShamBo (Aloha)
15 Open: Gold – SCVC 15 Quiksilver (Southern California); Silver – Balboa Bay 15 Hurley (Southern California); Bronze – WA Lightning B15 (Badger), Pali 15 Nike (Southern California)
15 Club: Gold – Ka Ulukoa 15 Mizuno (Aloha); Silver – SMBC 15 Black (Southern California); Bronze – Ocean Bay 15 Quik (Florida) and NCVC Black 15-1 (Northern California)
16 Open: June 30-July 3
16 Club: June 30-July 3
17 Open: July 1-July 4
17 Club: July 1-4
18 Open: Gold – 949 18 Black (Southern California); Silver – Balboa Bay 18 Hurley (Southern California); Bronze – Coast 18 Quiksilver (Southern California), MB Surf Nike 18s (Southern California)
18 Club: Gold – Guaynabo City Mets 18U (Puerto Rico); Silver – TVA 18U (Puerto Rico); Bronze – AZ Fear 18 White (Arizona), APV 18 Black (Arizona)