CAP II and CAP III approved modules for IMPACT Instructors

Recertification Overview:
There are currently three options for earning recert modules for CAP II and CAP III ONLY as a USAV IMPACT Instructor. Coaches can achieve modules through 1.) attending their initial Indoor IMPACT Instructor Training 2.) through instructing Indoor IMPACT Clinics or 3.) attending current IMPACT Instructor live refresher webinars.

Coaches are required to submit documentation along with the CAP Recertification Application 90 days prior to the coach's certification expiration date. In order to purchase your recertification module credit(s), click here. Coaches are required to attend all necessary modules and participate in full. Onsite modules may only be submitted one time for recertification.

Recertification Required Documents: 
CAP Recertification Application (submission is required)
2016 Explanation of Level I-II-III Accreditation Requirements (personal use only)
IMPACT Instructor Certification and Recertification Policies
2015-2016 List of Acceptable Re-Cert Credits

1. Attend an Indoor IMPACT Instructor Training as a current, certified IMPACT Instructor.
Receive three module credits to apply toward recertification.

IMPACT Instructor Training's are scheduled periodically by the Coaching Education National Office. They are primarily designed to train new IMPACT Instructors recommended by the Regions and to update current IMPACT Instructors on new policies and information. Please check the Coaching Education Events Schedule for any upcoming training's of this nature.

2. Instruct one, two, or three Regional Onsite IMPACT Clinics per quad (4 years).
Receive one module credit per clinic taught (3 maximum, with required documentation- see Policies document above) to apply toward recertification.

Regional Onsite Indoor IMPACT Clinics are scheduled periodically by the USAV Regions throughout the country. Check with your Region as to when the next clinic will be and if you would like to be recommended to the National Office as a potential Indoor IMPACT Instructor Candidate.

3. Attend a maximum of one IMPACT Instructor LIVE refresher webinar each fall after the instructor materials are updated and released.

A schedule of these live webinars will be emailed to your Region Office each September along with links to register for a seat at the webinar. Each refresher webinar is worth 1 CAP Module credit for recertification purposes, with a maximum of 4 per quad accepted.

CAP Recertification Credits Needed  
CAP Level I  4 Credits in 4 years 
CAP Level II  5 Credits in 4 years 
CAP Level III  6 Credits in 4 years 

*Coaches may receive more than the required amount of credits above but only credits earned while their certification is current can be applied toward the next recertification.

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