Beach Impact/Safesport

Beach IMPACT/SafeSport Certification Information: 

The Beach IMPACT Certification is the pre-requisite to the USAV Beach CAP Level I Course and requires the following:

  • Attend a single day on-site national course or a two-evening online Beach IMPACT Webinar taught by the USAV National Office education and beach cadre; please note that at this time no Beach IMPACT course taught at a regional level will meet this requirement
  • Attend On-Demand Beach IMPACT/Safesport online course.
  • Complete and pass the online Beach IMPACT/Safesport exam with a score of 90% or higher.

    Coaches who are Indoor IMPACT certified will receive a discounted registration fee for the Beach 
    IMPACT/Safesport certification clinic.


1) I attended a beach IMPACT/Safesport clinic taught by my Region….does this count as my Beach IMPACT requirement?

  • No.  At this time the only way to achieve Beach IMPACT certification for purposes of National Beach HP qualification or for the BCAP Level I pre-requisite requirement is to attend a USAV National Beach IMPACT Clinic offered and taught by the National Office.
  • National Beach IMPACT Clinics may be scheduled within your region by the National Office in conjunction with a BCAP Course weekend, or a stand alone on-site B-IMPACT Clinic may be requested by your region office.

2) Can I count my existing Indoor IMPACT/Safesport Certification as my Beach CAP I IMPACT requirement?

  • No.  Beach IMPACT/Safesport is offered to currently Indoor IMPACT/Safesport certified coaches at a discounted rate, but Beach IMPACT/Safesport is a different certification than Indoor IMPACT/Safesport. Coaches will need to attend the Beach IMPACT/Safesport course and pass the course exam to become B-IMPACT/Safesport certified.
3) Will my Beach IMPACT/Safesport certification allow me to coach an indoor USAV junior club team?
  • No. Beach IMPACT/Safesport is a different certification than Indoor IMPACT/Safesport. Coaches will need to attend the Indoor IMPACT/Safesport course and pass the course exam to become certified to coach during the indoor junior club season.

4) Does my Beach IMPACT/Safesport certification ever expire or need to be renewed?

  • No. Your Beach IMPACT/Safesport certification does not expire for USAV National Office purposes. Please check with your region office, however, as some may have a regional renewal requirement.

5) How long do I have to wait between earning my Beach IMPACT/Safesport certification and attending a Beach CAP Level I course?

  • There is no required wait time between B-IMPACT certification and attending a BCAP I course.

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