Level 4 License "Wisdom"


Direction questions to: info@usateamhandball.org

Primary Audience: Open to all Level 3 "Insight" accredited coaches of all coaching/teaching levels and experience. Check with USATH National Office for updates.

Prerequisites: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age, have earned and held Level 3 license "Insight" for a minimum of 12 months.

Course Content: The emphasis of Level 4 "Wisdom" course is on "Taking Your Team to the Next Level"; studying specific aspects of the profession of coaching through specialized, expert, individual training. Sessions include in-classroom and on-court activities focused on but not limited to workshops in Sport Science including periodization of training, building annual training plan, types of macro/mezzo/micro cycles, tapering for team sports, training control, testing, overtraining, Sport Psychology, Nutrition, Teaching Offensive and Defensive Systems, Designing Power Plays and Strategic Solutions for Numerical Superiority/Inferiority in Defense/Offense, Designing Small Group and Team drills, Building and Executing Counter-attack (1st, 2nd, 3rd wave), Using Technology and Applied Research to Enhance Performance, Preparation for International Competition, Training of Goalkeepers, Talent Identification; Additional Module topics will vary.

Course Length: 24-30 hours in a 3-4 day intensive course format organized 1-2 times per year at the USOC Olympic Training Center.

License Requirements: For Level 4 License - following the course applicants must:
• Pass Level 4 on-line written test over the assigned textbooks. To be awarded the Level 4 License, the candidate must receive a grade of "pass" in all theoretical testing areas.
• Pass Level 4 practical test on-site. Failing any of the practical tests will result in a failing grade for a course with no retesting.
• Bring ideas for approval to Design, Write, Implement, and Evaluate a follow-up Outreach Project
• Bring assigned practice drills and other materials as required
• Bring DVD of self coaching: (a) practice, (b) match for self/peer critiques.
• Submit proof of valid First Aid/CPR certification.
• Pass USATH administered Background Check ($25 fee for non USATH members).

Total Cost: TBD but may vary by membership status, deadline date and course site. Electives cost will vary from $50 to $75. Late fees may be applicable after early registration period ends. Accommodation and meals may be offered at the US Olympic Training Center as a packaged price, if space available.

Required Learning Resources: Individually developed per course; will include a course notebook with presentation on paper and accompanying DVD/CDs. Additional resources such as Level 4 Supplemental Handouts, in-class videos, and Power Presentations, etc., will be provided on-site to all course participants.

Benefits: Coaches will receive a letter of congratulations and an official USATH License Certificate; will be eligible to coach USATH Senior National Teams; will receive an exclusive access to a quarterly e-coach newsletter.

Re-certification: Once the Level 4 course is attended the coach has 12 months to implement the required Project and finish all other requirements to achieve certification. Certification is valid for one quad (4 years). Prior to the end of that 4 year quad, to stay current the coach must take steps to either:
• Re-new Level 4 License by taking another full Level 4 on-site course; take and submit documentation of six (6) approved home-based Level 4 activities; or attending the CACP Instructor Training Course (worth 3 home-based activities) and teaching up to 3 Level 1 "Gateway" and/or 3 Level 2 "Milestone" courses (worth 1 home-based activity each) per quad, or
• Take a Level 5 course (still under development) and finish those requirements within 12 months to obtain Level 5 "Pinnacle" License and be invited to join USATH's Pool of CACP Instructors.