The USA Team Handball Coaching Education and Certification Program has teamed with the American Sport Education Program to provide online training opportunities for USATH coaches through the ASEP Coaches Education Program here:

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Coaching Education and Certification Program (CECP)

Coaching certification begins at local/state levels with introductory “Gateway” course which can be completed entirely via on-line courses and home-based activities or combined with 5-hour on-site training if and where available.   Successful completion of the “Gateway” course, which covers such topics as elementary principles of coaching, safety considerations along with rules of the game and fundamental technical and tactical skills, certifies coaches with a non-expiring Level 1 “Gateway” License and allows them to coach teams in all USATH sanctioned events.   Candidates wishing to attend Level 2 “Milestone” License course must have earned and held Level 1License for a minimum of 6 months. 


Level 1 License "Gateway"

Level 2 License "Milestone"

Level 3 License "Insight"

Level 4 License "Wisdom"

Level 5 License "Pinnacle"