Height: 4-8
Weight: 79 lbs.
Birthplace: Irving, Texas
School: St. Mark's School of Texas
Coach: Sang Cha
Dojang: NTA

Other Sports Played: lacrosse

Hobbies: lacrosse, shooting and outdoor activities

Favorite Food: macaroni & cheese

Pre-Competition Meal: whatever he wants (being in the lowest weight bracket)

Favorite Athlete: Muhammad Ali

Favorite Movie: "300"

Favorite Musicians: Eminem and Kanye West

Favorite Place Visited for Competition: Las Vegas

Did You Know?: Tucker has a passion for outdoor activities in Africa.

2012  USAT Junior Prep Team Member (Fin)
USAT National Championships: GOLD

2011  USAT Junior Olympics: BRONZE
2011  Pan Am Open: SILVER

2009  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics: SILVER

2007  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD

2006  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD

2005  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD

last updated 9/6/12