Nickname: "Mambo"
Height: 5-6
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, Colo.
High School: Heritage H.S. (Brentwood, Calif.)
Year of Graduation: 2013 
Coach: Master Givans
Dojang: Givans Taekwondo Academy/Cyclone Martial Arts & Fitness

WTF World Ranking as of 9/1/12: T-125th (-67kg)

Hobbies: shopping, texting, Facebooking, singing, basketball and movies

Family: brother, Egan Francischetti, has gone to two national championships and placed at both, winning gold in 2009 and silver in 2010. He also trains at Givans Taekwondo and Cyclone Martial Arts & Fitness

Favorite Foods:
mango, quesadilla, Brazilian, stroganoff, yougurt & granola, grits (butter & brown sugar kind), and sushi

Pre-Competition Meal: IHOP crispy chicken ceasar salad ("YUMMMM!")

Favorite Athlete: her brother

Favorite Movie: "The Notebook"

Favorite Music: hip hop and mostly everything

Did You Know?: Tatiana has dual citizenship with Brazil/USA...she lived in Brazil for about five years from the ages 3-8...her first introduction to martial arts began with judo at the age of 3...since she lived in Brazil at this time she learned the musical and rythmic art called Capoeira...her father was involved with the Gracie family for Jui-Jitsu that gave her a chance to be involved with that martial art as well.

Favorite Quote: "There is no failure except in no longer trying" -Elbert Hubbard

USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Heavy): 3rd
USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Lt. Heavy): BRONZE
2011  USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Sr. Middle): GOLD
USAT San Diego National Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Heavy): BRONZE
U.S. Open (Jr. Lt. Heavy): BRONZE

2010  USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Lt. Heavy)
USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Lt. Heavy): GOLD
2010  USAT Fresno National Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Heavy): GOLD

2009  USAT U.S. Open: BRONZE

2008  USAT Junior Olympics (14-17 Red Belt): GOLD

last updated 9/17/12