Nickname: "Rasheed"
Height: 5-9
Weight: 134
Birthplace: Highlands Ranch, Colo.
School: Thunder Ridge H.S. (Highlands Ranch, Colo.)
Year of Graduation: 2014
Coach: Master Bob and Brian Gallagher
Dojang: Eagle Spirit Academy

Hobbies: video games, reading, bowling and watching movies

Family: his father twice medaled at the USAT Senior Nationals in sparring earning a silver and a bronze, and also played college football and was a Marine in Desert Storm.

Favorite Foods:
jambalaya, sweet potato pie, and ribs

Pre-Competition Meal: lots of pasta

Favorite Athletes: Brian Gallagher, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan

Favorite Movie:
"Dark Knight"

Favorite Music: all types except country

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Korea

Did You Know?:
Malik likes to cook main dishes and desserts.

World Junior Championships (Jr. Welter - 63kg): Round of 64
            -lost to AlFangry Moustafa (EGY), 20-8, in Round of 64
2012  Junior World Team Member (Jr. Welter)
Junior World Championships Open Team Trials (Jr. Welter): 1st

2011  Pan Am Open Championship: Quarterfinals
2011  USAT Junior Olympics: Quarterfinals
2011  Colorado State Championships: SILVER
2011  Attitude for Gold Tournament: GOLD

2010  Korean Open Championship: SILVER
2010  USAT Junior Olympics: BRONZE
2010  Colorado State Championships: GOLD
2010  Attitude for Gold: GOLD

2009  USAT Junior Olympics: BRONZE
2009  USAT Austin National Qualifier: BRONZE
2009  Colorado State Championship: GOLD
2009  Toronto Open: GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2008  USAT Des Moines National Qualifier: GOLD
2008  Attitude for Gold: GOLD
2008  Colorado State Championship: GOLD
2008  Korean Academy TKD Tournament: GOLD
2008  Wyoming Tournament of Champions: GOLD

2007  Castle Rock Extreme Taekwondo Challenge: GOLD
2007  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2007  USAT Dallas National Qualifier: GOLD
2007  Colorado AAU Regional: SILVER
2007  Attitude for Gold: GOLD
2007  Colorado State Championship: GOLD

2006  Castle Rock Extreme Taekwondo: GOLD
2006  USAT Junior Olympics: SILVER
2006  USAT Rochester National Qualifier: SILVER
2006  Attitude for Gold: BRONZE
2006  Colorado AAU Regional Qualifier: GOLD
2006  Colorado State Championship: SILVER

2005  Castle Rock Extreme Taekwondo: GOLD
2005  Attitude for Gold: BRONZE

last updated 5/7/12