Height: 5-6
Weight: 115 pounds
Birthplace: Quezon City, Philippines
Coach: Scott Fujii
Dojang: Team Jiro

World Ranking on 9/1/12: T-198th (-54kg)

Began martial arts study at age 10 in 1985, studying Aikido, Judo and Boxing...Began Taekwondo at age 15 in 1990 under Mr. Elmer Pato while on vacation in the Philippines...Returned to the US and began studying under Mr. James Co...Currently studying under Mr. Scott Fujii and Mr. Justin Poos...4th Dan Black Belt Kukkiwon certified...Is very grateful to all his instructors, his training partners, and those he competed against and wishes to thank them for the great experience he has had in shaping his Taekwondo career...Immigrated to the US from the Philippines in 1988; became naturalized US citizen in 1996...Hobbies include riding motorcycles, watching movies and playing sports...He is an enthusiast of all fight sports.

Competition Record:
2011  World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): Round of 64
          -lost to Ahmad Abughaush (JOR), 7-2, in Round of 64
2011  U.S. National Team Member (Fin)
U.S. National Team Trials (Fin): 1st

2011 Pan Am Games Team Trials (Fin/Fly): 3rd
2010  U.S. National Poomsae A Team Member (2nd Seniors)
U.S. National Poomsae Team Trials (2nd Seniors): 1st
California State Championships (2nd Pairs Poomsae): GOLD
2010  California State Championships (2nd Seniors Sport Poomsae): GOLD

2009  World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): Round of 32
2009  National Poomsae Team Trials (1st Team): 2nd
2009  U.S. National Team Member (Fin)
2009  U.S. National Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2009  U.S. Open (Fin): BRONZE 

2008  U.S. Open (Fin): BRONZE

2007  Senior National Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2007  U.S. National Team Member
2007  Pan Am Games Trials (Fin/Fly): 4th

2006  Pan Am Championships (Fin): BRONZE
2006  U.S. Open (Fly): BRONZE
2006  Senior National Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2006  U.S. National Team Member

2005  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fin): SILVER
2005  Senior National Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2005  U.S. National Team Member
2005  World Championship Team Member

2004  U.S. Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2004  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fin): GOLD

2003  U.S. Team Trials (Fin): 2nd
2003  U.S. Senior Nationals (Fin): BRONZE
2003  U.S. Open (Fin): BRONZE

2002  U.S. Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2002  World University Championships (Fin): Team Member
2002  National Collegiate Team Trials (Fin): GOLD

2001  National Collegiate Championships (Fin): GOLD

2000  U.S. National Team Trials (Fin): 1st
2000  National Collegiate Championships (Fin): GOLD

1999  National Collegiate Championships (Fin): GOLD

1998  U.S. Open (Fin): BRONZE
1998  U.S. National Championships (Fin): SILVER

last updated 9/11/12