Logan Weber


Nickname: LoLo & SP (Side Pony)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 114
Coach: Seth Wilson

Club: Ko’s Black Belt Academy
Year started taekwondo: 2006
School: Blue Valley North West High School
Social media links: instagram : loganwebertkd

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Favorite book is The Shack
Favorite TV show is Psych
Favorite athlete is Anthony Robles
Enjoys running and playing the violin

Favorite Quote: 
“Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” –Jerry Rice

Between the ages 3 and 4 I would not leave the house unless I was wearing a full princess outfit.
I eat grilled chicken, fruit and light pasta before competing.
Not many people know that I cried the whole time the first two days I had to spar because I thought it was mean to kick somebody

2014-2015 - Kansas City Sports Commissioner “Sports Woman of the Year” runner up

2012-2015 A Honor Roll
Nominated for the Student Ambassador program of People to People International Virtue awards

Logan celebrates making the Junior National Team in 2015

Major Competition Record: 

2016  Canada Open (-52kg): GOLD
2016  U.S. Open (Jr. -52kg): GOLD

July 2015 – USAT National Championships & Team Trials
- Gold and Team Member: Juniors (-52 kgs)

June-July 2015 – AAU National Championships

-Bronze: bowed out to prevent injury
- Qualified for team trials

May 2015 – AAU Regional Qualifiers 
- Gold (Juniors)

April 2015 – Oklahoma State Qualifiers
- Gold (Juniors)

March 2015 – Kansas State Qualifiers
- Gold (Juniors)

February 2015 – Canadian Open
- Silver (Juniors)

January 2015 – US Open 
-Bronze (Juniors)

December 2014 – Pan Am Open 
- Gold (Cadets)

November 2014 – Midwest Championships 
- Gold (Cadets)
- Gold (Juniors)

August 2014 – Costa Rican Open
- Gold (cadets)

July 2014 – 1 week training at Olympic Training Center
 Cadet World Championships- Quarter Finalist
- W against Belarus (gap)- round of 32
- W against Jordan (gap)- round of 16
- L against Croatia- quarter finals

2014  USAT Cadet National Team Member (light middle)          
2014  USA Taekwondo Cadet National Team Trials (light middle): 1st 
2014  Canadian Open (Cadet Light Middle) : Gold
2013  Pan Am Open (Cadet Welter): GOLD
2013  USAT Nationals (Cadet Welter): BRONZE
2013  Oklahoma State TKD Championship (Cadet Light middle): SILVER
2013  Kansas State Championship (Cadet Welter) : GOLD
2013  U.S. Open (Cadet Light): BRONZE
2012  Missouri State Championship (Cadet Middle): GOLD
2012  Kansas State Championship (Cadet Light): GOLD
2011  USAT National Championships (Youth Middle): BRONZE
2011  Missouri state Championship (Youth Heavy) GOLD
2011  Kansas State Championship (Youth Middle): GOLD
2010  Kansas State Championship (Youth Light): GOLD

Logan Weber and Coaches Seth Wilson and Russ Gale

last updated 2/22/2016

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