Nickname: Junior
Height: 5-5
Weight: 99 pounds
Birthplace: Chicago, Ill.
Coach: Jeffery Williams, Sr.
Dojang: Xcellent Taekwondo Center

WTF World Ranking as of 9/1/12: T-115th (-63kg)

-2011 USAT Male Junior Athlete of the Year

Hobbies include basketball, football, volleyball, soccer, taekwondo, baseball, video games, art and track...his sister, Laurissa Tanielu, is a top national competitor in the 14-17 light heavyweight division and senior welterweight division...favorite foods are pizza, fish, crab, steak, ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy, hamburgers, Hawaiian food, blueberry muffins, fries, Chinese food, donuts, biscuits, hot dogs, tacos, rice, noodles, soup and cheese fries...before a competition he eats granola bars or candy...favorite athlete is Alfonso Soriano...favorite movie is Clover Field...enjoys listening to hip hop...favorite quote is "There can only be one."

Did You Know?: Jeffery is also an outstanding football player.

Competition Record:
Toronto Open (Jr. -73kg): GOLD
Jr. Pan Am Championships (Jr. Lt. Middle): GOLD
           -def. Kalhid Marcelo Garcia Adam (MEX), 0-0 (SUP), in quarterfinals
           -def. Tosh Van Dijk (SUR), 1-0 (OT), in semifinals
           -def. Shashank Bhat (CAN), 7-4, in finals
2011  USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Lt. Middle)

2011  USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Middle): 1st
2011  USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Lt. Middle): BRONZE
2011  USAT National Championships (Feather): BRONZE
2011  Illinois State Championships: GOLD
U.S. Open (Jr. Lt. Middle): GOLD

Toronto Open (Sr. Bantam/Feather): BRONZE
Toronto Open (Jr. Light/Welter): GOLD
Costa Rica Open (Sr. Bantam): GOLD
Costa Rica Open (Jr. Welter): GOLD
2010  AAU National B Team Member
All American Challenge: GOLD
2010  Illinois State Championships: GOLD
2010  Ohio AAU Qualifier: GOLD
2010  Youth Olympic Games Qualification Team Member (55-63kg)

2009  Toronto Open (Jr. Light/Welter): SILVER
2009  Youth Olympic Games Team Trials (55-63kg): 1st
2009  Colorado Springs National Qualifier (Jr. Light): GOLD

2008  U.S. Junior National Team Member (Jr. Fly)
2008  Junior Olympics (Jr. Fly): GOLD
2008  U.S. Open: SILVER
2008  Jr. World Championship Open (Jr. Fin): 1st

2007  Junior Olympics: BRONZE
2007  Kansas City National Qualifier: GOLD
2007  U.S. Open: GOLD

2006  Circle City Championships: GOLD
2006  Junior Olympics: BRONZE
2006  All American Challenge: GOLD
2006  Rochester National Qualifier: GOLD

2005  Circle City Championships: GOLD
2005  Junior Olympics: GOLD
2005  Rochester National Qualifier: GOLD
2005  Illinois State Championships: GOLD
2005  All American Challenge: GOLD

2004  Junior Olympics: GOLD
2004  All American Challenge: GOLD
2004  Illinois State Championship: GOLD
2004  U.S. National Black Belt Champs.: GOLD

2003  Junior Olympics: SILVER
2003  Illinois State Championships: GOLD

last updated 9/11/12