Nickname: "EJ"
Height: 5-6
Weight: 99
Birthplace: Bakersfield, Calif.
High School: Bakersfield H.S. (Bakersfield, Calif.)
Year of Graduation: 2013
Coach: Master Francis Esposo
Dojang: Han's Taekwondo Academy (Bakersfield, Calif.)

Other Sports Played in High School: basketball

dancing, basketball and hanging out with friends

Family: his father, Joe Gallegos, competed in boxing and kick boxing from age 4-18...his uncle, Rod Tolentino, studied Shotokan Karate and earned his black belt in 1994...his uncle, Manny Marcos, also studied Shotokan Karate from 1991-93...his uncle, Joshua Gardner, competed in MMA from 2001-08 in King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge, PFC and Total Combat.

Favorite Foods:
pasta and In-N-Out double double cheeseburger

Pre-Competition Meal: pasta the night before competition, and banana and Gatorade the day of competition

Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant

Favorite Movie: "Step Brothers"

Favorite Music: rap and hip hop

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Canada

Did You Know?:
Ethan took piano lessons from age 9-11 but didn't show much interest, so he started taekwondo at the age of 12 as a birthday present from his grandfather, Roger Tolentino. He also played basketball from 2nd grade through freshman year in high school. When he was 9 a Bakersfield basketball traveling team (ages 10-12) wanted Ethan to play point guard for the team but his mother didn't approve because he was too young to travel.

Quotable Ethan Gallegos: "First, I want to thank God and ALL my coaches - Tony Phounsavath, Pete O'Rear, David Holguin and Matt Estioko - for helping me to train and work harder, Master Francis Esposo for all the guidance and believing in me when at times I just want to give up. I want to thank Grand Master Choon H. Han, my training/sparring partners Kristian Prounsavath and Joey Stieger for always getting me prepared for all the tournaments, my grandparents Roger and Isabel Tolentino for getting me started in taekwondo and their support, Dr. Oriente Esposo for all his support, the Han's Taekwondo athletes and parent, my little 4-year-old baby brother Emree, my mom Vangie and my dad Joe for ALL the LOVE and support they have always given me."

World Junior Championships (Jr. Fin -45kg): Round of 64
            -lost to Seyed Abbas Sadeghi Tabari (IRI), 18-1, in Round of 64
2012  U.S. Open (Jr. Fly): GOLD
          -def. Fabian Amundsen (NOR), 11-0, in round of 32
          -def. Leonel Avila (USA), 8-0, in round of 16
          -def. Santiago Nino Perez (MEX), 3-1, in quarterfinals
          -def. Ethan Vargas (USA), 9-0, in semifinals
          -def. Austin Campbell (USA), 9-3, in finals
2012  Junior World Championships Team Member (Jr. Fin)
Junior World Championships Open Team Trials (Jr. Fin): 1st

Jr. Pan Am Championships (Jr. Fin): SILVER
           (competed in place of injured Jr. National Team member Brandon Pitak)
           -def. Rommel Quintanilla Huancas (PER), 11-3, in quarterfinals
           -def. Pablo De Las Vega (CHI), 7-6, in semifinals
           -lost to Brandon Plaza (MEX), 19-4, in finals
2011  Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Fin): 2nd
2011  USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Fin): SILVER
2011  California State Championships (Jr. Fin): BRONZE
2011  USAT National Qualifier (Jr. Fly): SILVER

2010  Las Vegas Open (Jr. Fly): SILVER
2010  USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Fin/Fly): GOLD
2010  California State Championships (Jr. Fin): GOLD
2010  USAT National Qualifier (Jr. Fin/Fly): BRONZE

2009  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2009  California State Championships: GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2008  California State Championships: GOLD

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