Height: 4-10
Weight: 77
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
School: Coppell Middle School West (Coppell, Texas)   
Coach: Sang Cha
Dojang: NTA Taekwondo

Other Sports Participated In: football, cross-country and track

Hobbies: playing saxophone, shooting hoops, reading, hitting golf balls, playing paintball and hiking

Favorite Foods: Italian and Mexican; chocolate

Pre-Competition Meal: scrambled eggs and cereal with milk

Favorite Athletes: Michael Phelps and Dirk Nowitzki

Favorite Movie: "A Thousand Words"

Favorite Music: rock and country

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Costa Rica

Did You Know?: Cole knew he wanted to do taekwondo from the moment he saw it. At age 4 he reminded his mother for five months that he wanted to go back for a third trial class. She took him and it's been his passion ever since.

Quotable Cole Crawford: "I am very grateful for my fellow NTA teammates and the NTA coaching staff. I'd especially like to thank Master Cha, Jonathan Hardwick and Matthew Galea for their guidance, training and dedication."

2012  USAT Junior Prep Team Member (Fin)
USAT Nationals (12-13 Fin): GOLD
2012  Texas State National Qualifier: SILVER
2012  AAU National Qualifier: GOLD

2011  Costa Rica Open: GOLD
2011  Regional National Qualifier: GOLD
2011  Texas State National Qualifier: GOLD
2011  U.S. Open: BRONZE
2011  AAU National Qualifier: GOLD

2010  AAU Cadet Team Member
AAU National Championship: GOLD
2010  Regional National Qualifier: SILVER
2010  Texas State National Qualifier: GOLD

2009  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2009  Regional National Qualifier: GOLD
2009  Texas State National Qualifier: GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics: SILVER
2008  Regional National Qualifier: GOLD
2008  Texas State National Qualifier: GOLD

2007  Regional National Qualifier: SILVER

2006  USAT Junior Olympics: BRONZE
2006  Regional National Qualifier: BRONZE 

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