Nickname:  Showtime and Wonder Twin #2
Height: 5-8
Weight: 119
Coaches: Masters Arlene Limas, Joe Bennett, John Kenyajui,  George Martinez and Sensei Hiroshi Allen

Club: Power Kix Martial Arts, World TKD Las Vegas, Hiro Karate
Year started taekwondo: 2002
High School: Coronado High- 2015

He holds a 3rd Dan black belt in Kukkiwon Taekwondo and 1st Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate…favorite TV show is Criminal Minds…eats fettuccine alfredo…favorite athletes are Kymberly Buset and Arlene Limas…he is half Filipino…favorite quote: “Don’t get too high on your victories or too low on your defeats-- remember your career in Martial Arts is a Marathon not a sprint.”


2013  USAT Junior National Team (bantam)
2013  USAT National Championship (Junior bantam:) GOLD
2013  2013 Junior Pan American Championships (Junior bantam): BRONZE
2013  USAT Nevada State Championship (Junior bantam): GOLD
2013  USAT Southern California State Championship (Junior feather): BRONZE
2013  AAU Junior National Team (bantam)
2013  AAU Junior Team Trials (bantam)- 1st
2013  AAU National Championship (Junior bantam): GOLD
2013  Canadian Open (Junior bantam): BRONZE

2012  AAU National Championship (Junior fly): BRONZE

2011  Nevada State Qualifier: SILVER

2010  US Open (12-13 fly): BRONZE
2010  USAT Nevada State Championship (12-13 fly): GOLD
2010  California Sate Championship (12-13 fly): GOLD

2009  USAT California State Qualifier (12-13 fly): BRONZE 
2009  USAT Utah State Qualifier (12-13 fly): GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics (10-11 fly): GOLD
2008  USAT Fresno Qualifier (10-11 fly): GOLD
2008  USAT California Qualifier (10-11 fly): SILVER

2007  USAT Junior Olympics (10-11 fly): BRONZE
2007  USAT Portland Qualifier (10-11 fly): BRONZE
2007  California State Championship (10-11 fly): GOLD

2006  USAT Junior Olympics (8-9 fly): SILVER
2006  USAT Portland Qualifier (8-9 fly): GOLD

2005  USAT Junior Olympics (8-9 fly): GOLD
2005  USAT San Jose Qualifier (8-9 fly): GOLD

last updated 8/26/13