Birthplace: Cambodia
: Dallas, Texas
Height: 5-7
Weight: 165
: Master Sang Cha
Club: NTA
Year started taekwondo: 1980
College/major (if applicable): RUKC/General Mechanic

Favorite books are Ender’s Game and Lord Of The Rings… hobbies outside of taekwondo include sidearm marksmanship… loves science fictions… favorite TV show is Game of Thrones… favorite athlete is Tiger Woods… most people don’t know that Chantha enjoys watching anime… favorite quote: “Everyone but yourself is your teacher.”

Competition Record:

2012  7th World Poomsae Championships (3r Master)- Sixth
2012  National Championships (3rd Master)-GOLD
2012  Texas State Championships (3rd Master) –GOLD
2012  U.S. Open (3rd Master)-SILVER

2011  National Championships (3rd Master)-SILVER
2011  National Qualifier (3rd Master)-GOLD
2011  Texas State Championships (3rd Master)-GOLD
2011  U.S. Open (2nd Master)-SILVER

2010  National Championship Poomsae Team Trials (2nd Master)-BRONZE
2010  National Championships Competition Poomsae (2nd Master)-GOLD
2010  National Championships Form-GOLD
2010  National Championships Ultra Sparring (Middle)-GOLD
2010  Texas State Championships (2nd Master)-GOLD

2009  National Championship Poomsae Team Trials (2nd Master)-SILVER
2009  National Championships Ultra Sparring (Middle)-GOLD
2009  National Championships Form-SILVER 
2009  Texas State Championship – Competition Poomsae-GOLD

2008  National Championship Ultra Sparring (Middle)-GOLD
2008  National Championship Form-GOLD

Last updated 7/24/2013