Height: 5-3
Weight: 99 lbs
Whittier, Calif.
High School: Brainerd High School 
Year of Graduation: 2011
Coach: Master Eui Lee
Dojang: WTA

Hobbies: hunting, camping, taekwondo, snowboarding and wakeboarding

Family: sister, ShaLane Stroot, has competed in taekwondo for nine years

Favorite Foods: Italian

Pre-Competition Meal: everything

Favorite Movie:
"Step Brothers"

Favorite Music: rock

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Germany

Did You Know?: Brenden has an adopted brother and sister from Haiti


2010  USAT Junior National Team Member (Jr. Fin)
USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Fin): GOLD
2010  USAT U.S. Open (Jr. Fin): BRONZE
2010  German Open (Jr. Fin): BRONZE
2010  Junior World Team Trials (Jr. Fin): 2nd

2009  Junior World Championships Open Team Trials (Jr. Fin): 2nd

2008  USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Superfin): GOLD

2007  USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Superfin): BRONZE

last updated 8/16/10