Height: 5-5
Weight: 112
Birthplace: San Jose, Calif.
School: Herman Middle School   
Coaches: Art Jackson & Master Chae Mun
Dojang: AmericaTaekwondo Center (ATC)

Other Sports Participated In: track and basketball

Hobbies: basketball and video games

Family: His father, Art, and sister, Katie, are also involved in taekwondo. Katie was a two-time National Prep Team member (2010-11).

Favorite Foods: burgers and any breakfast sandwich

Pre-Competition Meal: salads, fruit and spam musubi

Favorite Athlete: Bruce Lee

Favorite Movie: "IP Man"

Favorite Music: dubstep and Top 40

Did You Know?: Arthur likes to sing.

2012  USAT Junior Prep Team Member (Light)
USAT Nationals (12-13 Light): GOLD
2012  USAT National Qualifier (12-13 Middle): GOLD
2012  USAT/CUTA California State Championships (12-13 Light): GOLD
2012  Stanford University Open: GOLD
2012  U.S. Open (12-13 Light): GOLD

2011  Jimmy Kim Invitational (12-13 Bantam): GOLD
2011  USAT Junior Olympics (12-13 Bantam): SILVER
2011  Stanford University Open: GOLD
2011  USAT San Diego National Qualifier (12-13 Bantam): GOLD
2011  USAT/CUTA California State Championships (12-13 Bantam): GOLD

2010  USAT Junior Olympics (10-11 Light): GOLD
2010  USAT Fresno National Qualifier (10-11 Light): GOLD
2010  California State Championships (10-11 Bantam): GOLD
2010  U.S. Open (12-13 Light): SILVER

2009  USAT San Jose National Qualifier: GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2008  USAT Junior Olympics (Elite Open): GOLD

2007  USAT Junior Olympics (Elite Open): SILVER 

last updated 9/26/12