Nickname: “Cinque”
Height: 5-9
Weight: 145
Coach: Master Richard DeGeorge & Master Peter Bardatsos
Club: Kixx Marital Arts Academy, Little Falls, N.J.
Year started taekwondo: 1997
High School: School of the Holy Child, Rye, N.Y.
College/major (if applicable): Fordham University, Bronx, N.Y. / Psychology Major, Business Minor, Concentration in Pre-Law

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2013 US Collegiate Female Athlete of the Year

Favorite book is Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky…hobbies outside of taekwondo include music, theater and photography…worked at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office – SVU, working toward her law degree…favorite TV show is Law and Order SVU…pre-competition meals are penne alla vodka the night before and pancakes the morning of…favorite athlete is Michael Phelps…Britney Spears follows her on Twitter…favorite quote: “Find the torture you’re comfortable with and you will do well.” – Jerry Seinfeld


2013  USAT Senior Nationals (Welter) SILVER
2013  Canada Open (Welter) BRONZE
2013  NCTA Collegiate National Team Member
2013  NCTA Collegiate Nationals (Welter) GOLD
  New York State Qualifier (Welter) SILVER
2013  USAT World Team Trials (Welter) SILVER

2012  USAT Senior Nationals (Welter) GOLD
2012  NCTA Collegiate National Team Member
2012  NCTA Collegiate Nationals (Welter) GOLD
 New York State Qualifier (Welter) GOLD
2012  New Jersey State Qualifier (Light) GOLD

2009  USAT Junior National Team Member (Middle)
2009  USAT Junior National Team Trials (Middle) GOLD
2009  Junior Nationals (Middle) GOLD
 Buffalo Junior National Qualifier (Middle) GOLD
2009  Buffalo Senior National Qualifier (Welter) SILVER
2009  Massachusetts State Qualifier – Senior (Welter) GOLD
2009  New York State Qualifier – Senior (Light) GOLD
2009  New York State Qualifier – Junior (Middle) GOLD
2009  U.S. Open – Junior (Middle) SILVER

2008  U.S. Cup – Junior Team Member
2008  U.S. Cup – Junior Team Trial - GOLD
2008  U.S. Cup – Junior - GOLD
2008  U.S. Cup – Senior - GOLD
2008  USAT Junior National Team Member  (Light Middle)
Junior Nationals Championships (Light Middle) GOLD
2008  New Jersey State Junior National Qualifier (Light Middle) GOLD
2008  New Jersey State Senior National Qualifier (Light) GOLD
2008  Junior Regional National Qualifier, York, PA (Light Middle) GOLD
2008  Senior Regional National Qualifier, York, PA (Feather) GOLD
2008  U.S. Open (Junior - Light Middle) GOLD

2007  Junior Olympics Elite Open (Jr. Welter): SILVER
2007  Providence National Qualifier (Jr. Welter): SILVER

2006  Senior National Championships (Fly): BRONZE
2006  U.S. Cup - GOLD
2006  U.S. Cup Team Trials - SILVER
2006  Miami National Qualifier (Jr. Bantam): GOLD
2006  Miami National Qualifier (Fin): SILVER
2006  Dallas National Qualifier (Fly): SILVER

2005  Ft. Lauderdale National Qualifier: SILVER
2005  U.S. Cup - Silver

2004  Junior Olympics: SILVER
2004  U.S. Cup - BRONZE

2002  Junior Olympics: GOLD

2001  Junior Olympics: BRONZE

2000  Junior Olympics: SILVER

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