Sarah Rodriguez



Sarah Rodriguez is originally from Texas. She moved to California three years ago to pursue her dream of becoming an Olympic synchronized swimmer, a part of the team that competes for the USA in 2016.  Sarah enjoys dancing whenever she gets the chance, and catching up on world news is a favorite activity of mine.  She has wanted to go to medical school since she was about nine years old, and within the last few years she has taken a serious liking to writing and acting.

Fun Facts about Sarah
Your favorite song:  Dig by Incubus
Your favorite food:  Scrambled eggs with Cheese and Spinach Your favorite sport (beside synchro)       distance swimming and dance
Your favorite Athlete:  Misty Copeland
Your inspiration:  Working to accomplish the impossible
Your perfect day off:  Wake up with the sunrise, drive to the beach, walk up and down the shore, swim out as far as I can, then spend the afternoon sailing and tanning on a boat.
Your favorite movie:  The Silence of the Lambs
Your favorite TV show: Elementary

What do people find most interesting about you (other than being a synchro swimmer)?   The fact that I annotate every book I read

If Sarah was… (She would be)
An animal? A panther
A time of the day? Sunrise
A season? Fall
A dessert? Pecan Pie
A brand? …fruit of the loom… :)
A hot beverage? Mint herbal tea
A metal? Iron
A super hero? Mr. Terrific
A super power? Snap my fingers and be clothed and showered
A color? The color of the ocean as it glistens beneath the sun
A city? Cortona, Italy
A vacation destination? Sitka, Alaska

Awards/Honors: Texas Speech/Debate Tournament finalist; St Anthony of Padua Award; IWHS Academic Scholarship 4.0 GPA, National Honor Society, Academic Excellence in Latin, receiving Summa Cum Laude on the National Latin Exam

Goals: To be a 2016 Olympic team member and be a part of the team that returns the USA to the podium; medical school/physician/pathology

Athletic Achievements: 2013 U.S. Open Team 2nd; 2013 U.S. Junior National Championships Team 1st, Duet 3rd, Figures 8th; 2013 FINA World Trophy Duet 7th; 2012 U.S. National Championships Team 2nd, Duet 2nd; 2012 U.S. Open Solo 3rd

Other: Starred in a Pampers TV commercial and magazine advertisement at the age of 1 ... swimsuit model for an on-line Bay area ladies store in 2013 ... Loves to dance and considers herself a great Justin Bieber impressionist