Laura Berg | Building Team Unity

    • 4/26/2013
    • 29:27

    Three-time Olympic gold medalist and current Oregon State University Head Softball Coach Laura Berg shares the importance of learning from your mistakes on and off the field. She also provides advice to parents about how to handle a situation when their child is not getting enough playing time.

    Kaitlin Cochran | The Power Of Discipline

    In this episode, Jim talks with current U.S. National Team softball outfielder Kaitlin Cochran. Kaitlin shares how the self discipline she developed through her experiences in softball helped her juggle successfully sports and studies. She talks about how supportive parents, motivational coaches and her teammates have inspired her to strive for greatness and how she hopes that softball will soon return to the Olympics.

    Michele Smith | Control the Controllables

    In this episode, Jim talks with former U.S. National Team softball pitcher and two time gold medal Olympian Michele Smith. Michele shares how she stayed positive and in control through tough moments in competition. Taught to her by her father, “control the controllables” is a mantra that has helped Michele excel in difficult times throughout her career.

    Ken Eriksen | The Power of Positivity

    In this episode, Jim talks with current Head Coach of the USA Women's Softball Team Ken Eriksen, who talks about how controlling your emotion is the key to controlling the game, the lessons he learned while playing for Hall of Famer Robin Robert and how his playing experience as a catcher has influenced him as a coach.

    Jennie Finch | The Privilege of Pressure

    In this episode, Jim welcomes Olympic Gold Medalist and National Softball Team pitching All-Star Jennie Finch. Borrowing a line from Billie Jean King, Jennie talks about the ‘privilege of pressure’, encouraging youth athletes to enjoy the moment and to Honor The Game by honoring themselves, their teammates, the history of the sport, and the opportunity to learn life lessons through sports.

    Dot Richardson | Teammates

    In this episode, Jim talks with USA Softball Olympic Medalist Dot Richardson who shares her insights on how teammates play a pivotal role in helping athletes bounce back from mistakes and stay motivated. Dot reflects on a critical moment in Olympic history when the team had to recover from unexpected losses and how they refocused and rebounded. Dot also talks about how the lessons she learned on the softball field have translated to her professional career as a successful surgeon.