Exclusive softball podcasts

Sept. 21, 2010, 12 a.m. (ET)

In the Responsible Sports podcast series, we have two exclusive softball podcasts with Dot Richardson and Jennie Finch!

In the Dot episode, she shares her insights on how teammates play a pivotal role in helping athletes bounce back from mistakes and stay motivated.

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Olympic Gold Medalist and NCAA Champion softball star Jennie Finch explains the value of playing multiple sports in her interview.

"I look back at my kind of athletic career," said Jennie, who recently announced her retirement from competitive softball,"and I see so many positives of me playing volleyball and basketball. It helped me become more body-aware and make my body move in different ways. I think my coordination also was helped by me playing those other sports.”

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The Liberty Mutual Responsible Sports TM program supports volunteer youth sports coaches and parents who help our children succeed both on and off the field. We offer many youth sports resources including $2,500 community grants, instructional videos, weekly tips, peer and expert advice, and coursework for those interested in improving the youth sports experience for all involved.