View Member Lists


1.       You CAN NOT search for an individual by putting their name in the search field as the system does not have that capability.

2.       If you know the main club ID, you can search for members for that club only by putting in the year, type (members), leaving the region and discipline blank, entering the Club ID in the search field and then checking the box that says ‘Search by Club ID’. Hint- you will have to click out of the search field for that box to come up.  

3.       You can search for members by region by entering the type (members), year, and region. The USARS regional breakout is available at: Your regional options will begin with the sport code (I.e. A- Figure Skating, H- Hockey, RD- Roller Derby, S- Speed Skating) followed by the region code. If you are looking for speed members in the Great Lakes region you would select S GL.

4.       To view the current list of USARS clubs, just select the year and type (club). The clubs will then be listed alphabetically according to state abbreviation.

5.       Searching for unattached/independent members can be done quickly by following the instructions above (#2). The club ID codes for unattached members are below:

a.       UN000A- Figure Skating

b.      UN000H- Hockey

c.       UN000JRD- Junior Roller Derby

d.      UN000MRD- Men’s Roller Derby

e.      UN000RD- Women’s Roller Derby

f.        UN000S- Speed Skating