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The USARS Hall of Fame for Distinguished Service to Competitive  Roller Skating shall honor those individuals who have made exceptional contributions of talent and effort over an established period of time to help with the organization and success of competitive roller skating in the United States.  Through their efforts they have materially influenced and enriched the sport.  Should a candidate's contributions to roller skating not have been previously widely understood or acknowledged, there must be clear evidence of such activity over a protracted period of service.



1.         The individual's contribution to the sport of roller skating as an administrator/official must be measurable, significant and noteworthy.


2.         The accumulated efforts of the individual must be predominantly positive, working on behalf of the national organization and for the progress of the sport, nation-wide.


3.         The candidate for the Hall of Fame must have selflessly devoted his efforts to the sport and the organization and not for personal gain or self aggrandizement.


4.         Eligibility for induction into the USARS Hall of Fame for Distinguished Service to Competitive Roller Skating shall be considered on the basis of distinguished service in this Hall of Fame category and shall not preclude anyone previously inducted in the Hall of Fame as an athlete or coach.


5.         The USARS Hall of Fame for Distinguished Service will be open to all individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the sport of roller skating in the United States, either affiliated with USARS or with other organizations outside of USARS, provided their actions are verifiable and benefit the sport.


6.         No annual specification is established on a maximum or minimum number of enrollments for the Distinguished Service Hall of Fame.  Initial enrollment will begin in 1994 with examination of the era 1937-60; 1995 will consider the era 1961-72 (incorporation of USARS); and 1996 will bring installation up to date.  From 1997 onward, nominations will be as required. 


The USARS Hall of Fame Committee shall be responsible for nomination of candidates for Distinguished Service to Competitive Roller Skating according to established Hall of Fame procedures.


Past inductees are:

2012 (77 total)
Tom Lorenz, Lincoln Nebraska
Larry Loomis, Lincoln, Nebraska

2011 (75 total)
Brad Bradner of Orlando, Florida

2010 (74 total)
Walter Frazier, Litchfield, Illinois
Bob Lim, Rocklin, California

2009 (72 total)
Rick Heard, Santa Ana, California

2008 (None Inducted in 2008)


2007 (71 total)

       Lori and Elvis Brandon, Hermitage, Tennessee

       Gloria Manning, Miami, Florida


2006 (69 total)

            Jim Ball, South Gate, California


2005 (68 total)

       Jack Becker, Seabrook, Maryland

       Lloyd Kennedy, Fresno, California


2004   None inducted


2003 (66 total)

       James Jost, East Troy, Wisconsin- Hardball Hockey

       Olga Soto, Lincoln, Nebraska


2002 (64 total)

       John and Linda McNeel, Tracy, California - Ball Hockey

       Annelle Anderson, Fort Worth, Texas - Artistic

       Gary Hendrickson, Cumberland, Maryland - Ball Hockey

       Richard Miller, San Diego, California - Artistic


2001 (59 total)

       Rick and Jan Porter, Cheyenne, Wyoming - Speed

       Al Caprara, Avon Lake, Ohio - Artistic

       Ernie & Janet Palm, West Babylon, New York - Artistic


2000 - None Inducted


1999 (54)

       Larry Pep Manganello, Tampa, Florida - Speed

       Doug Breniser, Detroit, Michigan/Las Vegas, Nevada - Artistic

       Bud and Shirley Engle, Cleveland, Ohio - Artistic

       George Kolibaba, Milwaukie, Oregon - Speed


1998 - (49)

       Charles Kirchner, Deptford, New Jersey

       Sue Dooley, Dover, Delaware

       Tommy Andrew, Redwood City, California

       Dennis King, Puyallup, Washington


1997 - (45)

       Billy Chew, Walnut Creek, California

       Chester Fried, South River, New Jersey

       Dale Pritchard, Milwaukie, Oregon


1996 - (42)

       Gene Cox, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

       Robbie Cox, Shawnee Mission, Kansas

       John Gustafson, Auburn, Washington

       Randall Harbuck, DuQuoin, Illinois

       Jim Huffman, Omaha, Nebraska

       Dr. Scott Kleiman, Austell, Georgia

       Robert Labriola, Fountain Valley, California

       Ted Leineke, Orlando, Florida

       Paul McNeil, Boston, Massachusetts

       John Milligan, El Paso, Texas

       James Pollard, Redwood City, California

       Bill Sisson, Lubbock, Texas

       Dennis and Boots Snead, Greensboro, No. Carolina

       Charles Wahlig, Wilmington, Delaware

       Dominic Cangelosi, Burbank, California

       Harry Ball, South Gate, California


1995 - (26)

       Bert and Lynn Anselmi, Pontiac, Michigan

            Gary Castro, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

       Herb and Marge Eng,, Detroit, Michigan/Lincoln, Nebraska

       Marian McCormick, San Diego, California

       Tony and Caroline Mirelli, Memphis, Tennessee

       Al Nicol, Redwood City, California

       George Pickard, Lincoln, Nebraska

       Elmer Ringeisen, San Diego, California

       Arlis Snyder, Euless, Texas

       Joe Spillman, San Antonio, Texas

       Gordon "Budd" Van Roekel, Santa Ana, California

       Marie Walker, Groton, Connecticut


1994 - (11)

       George Apdale, Richmond Hill, N.Y.

       Frank Bartik, Newark, N.J.

       Victor J. Brown,  Newark ,N.J.

       William T. "Pop" Brown, Seattle, Wash.

       Fred Freeman, Boston, Mass.

       William Gilhart, Summit, N.J.

       Robert Irwin, Chicago, Ill.

       Ed and Elsie Kempf, Middletown, Ohio

       Fred Martin, Detroit, Mich.

       Joe Nazzaro, Sr., Atherton, Calif.

       M.M. "Red" Shattuck, Redwood City, Calif.