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GEORGE PICKARD AWARD FOR INLINE ROLLER HOCKEY - The purpose of this roller inline hockey award is to honor individuals who have shown exceptional efforts in the advancement of roller inline hockey through their dedication in the service of competitive inline roller hockey under the aegis of USARS as referees, meet directors, scorers and other significant competition support officials. .  The award criteria will be:  (1) Consideration of their contribution through the years as an official. (2)  Their support and contribution to inline roller hockey seminars and other educational programs supporting the development of officials.  (3)  Contribution of written materials such as rule books, guidelines and inline hockey technical articles.  (4)  By their actions that have been an example of fairness and competent officiating. This award is to be bestowed only on merit and need not be assigned annually if the criteria are not met.  It is certain that there exists a large body of dedicated officials who have over the past decades have earned such recognition.




2012- Chalie Sgrillo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2011 - None Awarded

2010 - George Pickard, Lincoln, Nebraska