Ukiah Skaters perform well at Chico Cal Neva results

May 09, 2014, 1:22 p.m. (ET)
Ukiah Daily Journal Staff
UPDATED:   05/08/2014 09:04:30 AM PDT

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Above members of Ukiah Skating Academy who recently sent members to the... (Submitted photo)
Ukiah Daily Journal

Cal-Skate Chico hosted their annual artistic roller skating competition for the Cal-Neva League recently. Skaters from all over the Bay Area and Sacramento area competed in this one-day event. Ukiah sent 16 members of the competive team to compete.

Team members for the Chico were Mark Adams, Sydney Binkley, MaKenzie Binkley, Brea Brodoski, Heylee Unangst, Neveah Carr, Ciera Pearson, Olivia Roberts, Helena Rooney, Ramona Tate, Mikhayla Shepard, Larissa Unangst, Ivy Wheeler, Lily Wheeler, Julian Williams, and Xochitl Williams.

Mark Adams placed 1st in Elementary A boys freestyle, 2nd in Juvenile A boys loops and 3rd in Juvenile A boys figures.

Helena Rooney placed 3rd in Primary Girls Figures.

Brea Brodoski placed 1st in Juvenile A girls figures, 1st in Elementary Loops, 1st in Advanced Loops, and 3rd in Juvenile A girls freestyle.

Ciera Pearson placed 2nd in Elementary A loops, 2nd in Adavanced Loops, and 3rd in Elementary A girls freestyle.

Ramona Tate placed 1st in Elementary A girls figures, 1st in Juvenile/Elem. B Freestyle, 2nd in Elementary A Loops, and 3rd in Adavanced Loops.

Sydney Binkley placed 3rd in Jvenile/Elem. B Freestyle.

Xochitl Williams placed 3rd in Super Tot girls figures.

Olivia Robert placed 1st in the Circle Loop event and 3rd in Juvenile/Elem. C Freestyle.

This was MaKenzie Binkley's first competition and she competed in the Super Tot girls figure event and stroking.

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