World Cup Final Recap and Results

June 10, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

This past week, sunny Sarasota, Florida welcomed 72 of the world's finest pentathletes to the World Cup Final.  Qualifying through the World Cup Circuit in Egypt, China, and Hungary, the creme of the crop competed in an event said to be more challenging than the Olympic Games themselves.  The UIPM and USA Pentathlon teamed up with Congresswoman Katherine Harris and the Sarasota Polo Club to put on a show of a lifetime.

Ringling Circus performers dazzled the crowd.  Florida cheerleaders cheered on the fencers.  Coaches and athletes gave fencing and shooting demonstrations.  After the air-conditioned fence and beautiful outdoor swim, USA Pentathlon riding coaches Richard Lamb and Tracey Powers ran a five-star riding test sending top-tier horses through the course.  Athletes laced up their spikes for the combined event on the fast-track polo field.  In the midday sun, the men and women hammered through the 2 miles and shot 20 good shots to conclude three days of modern pentathlon.

The women's event on Friday featured five olympic medalists and numerous other olympians.  Octawia Nowacka of Poland concluded her 2014 World Cup Season taking gold by a full 14 seconds.  London gold medalist Laura Asadauskaite of Lithuania took silver, running all the way up from 14th place.  Laura started with a handicap of 82 seconds, and closed the gap as she’s done many times before.  China’s Qian Chen took third place, outkicked at the finish by Lithuania.

The United States’ women, though the podium escaped them, did not disappoint.  Margaux Isaksen finished in 8th, 25 seconds ahead of her sister Isabella in 13th.  Isabella ran herself up from 20th after setting a  new personal best in the swim.  Samantha Achterberg moved up one place to finish in 27th.  Sammy rode clear, one of only seven to do so.  She also set a personal best of 2:18 in the swim.

On the mens side of things, Russia, Ukraine, and France dominated.  Alexander Lesun of Russia took the gold by 11 seconds over Pavlo Tymoshenko of the Ukraine.  Russia’s Ilya Frolov maintained his third position handicap for the bronze.  Leandro Silva of Argentina had the only clean ride, showing his great potential in the sport, also breaking two minutes for the first time in the swim.

Solid performances from Team USA’s Nathan Schrimsher, Brendan Anderson, and Dennis Bowsher landed them in 29th, 32nd, and 36th respectively.  All three had impressive swims, and we saw Nathan Schrimsher move his horse around the 15 fences for a ride that any other athlete would have had much more trouble with. For full results from the World Cup Final, please visit the UIPM website.

Team USA now looks onto our National Championships in Colorado Springs at the end of June and to NORCECA in Mexico City one month later.  Check out our facebook page USA Modern Pentathlon and our twitter handle @USPentathlon for updates, and be sure to stop by our homepage for great content as usual.