Team USA Takes Gold

July 21, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

The team of Samantha Achterberg and Isabella Isaksen ran down a strong Brazilian team featuring 2012 Olympic bronze medalist Yanni Marques to take the Gold medal in the Women's Relay event at the Mexican Olympic Festival and Pan American Qualifier in Mexico City.

Brazil had a 43 second handicap over the field but that didn't bother Achterburg and Isaksen. They overcame the time deficit and lengthened their lead over the 4x800 meter course at 7300 feet.

In the mixed relay, it was Margaux Isaksen and Army Private Nathan Schrimsher winning bronze and in the men’s relay, Brendan Anderson who will be travelling to the Youth Olympic Games next month team with veteran pentathlete Army Specialist Dennis Bowsher to claim a bronze medal.