Natalie Bowman


Name: Natalie Bowman        
Birth date:
February 1, 1996
Hometown Newspaper: Lodi News Sentinel

Height: 5’8”
Birthplace: Stockton, CA

Residence: Lodi, CA
High School: 
Pilgrim West Academy
College:  Iona College
Coaches: Swim: Nick Cavataro, Head Coach, Iona College Tony Bruno, Iona College and Pete Richardson, Tiger Aquatics;  Fencing: Simon Pitfield, Davis Fencing Academy

Sports Played in High School: Swimming and fencing

Sports Played in College: Swimming

Hobbies:  Going on adventures with friends and napping

Favorite Foods: Chinese food

Pre-Competition Meal: Her mom's homemade chocolate chip scones

Favorite Athletes:
George Patton and her teammates

Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight Rises       

Favorite Music: Everything!

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Hungary

Did You Know?:  Natalie has scoliosis. She wore a back brace for three years and had spinal fusion surgery in September of 2011.  Exactly one year later she competed in the Youth A World Championships in Hungary.


Quotable: "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher



2013 Youth A World Championships Individual: 17th place

2013 Youth A World Championships Mixed Relay: 8th place

2013 USA Youth A National Championships: 1st place

2013 USA Youth A National Championship Mixed Relay: 1st place

2012 NORCECA Youth A Championships: 1st place

2012 Youth A World Championships (Tata, Hungary): 41st place

2012 USA Youth A National Championships: 1st place

2011 USA Youth A National Championships: 3rd place