Height: 5-11
Weight: 70kg
High School: Kingham H.S. (Kingham, Oxfordshire) '07
College: University of Northampton, UK
Year of Graduation: Has been given official suspension of studies to train for Pentathlon with the ambition of reaching the 2010 Olympics.
Major: Business & Marketing (Hons) 
Website: http://www.teamjohngibbons.com/

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Current World Ranking as of 11/16/11: 120th
2011 World Cup Ranking: 162nd
2011 National Ranking: 7th

Other Sports Played in High School: swimming, running, tennis, soccer, basketball and rugby

Hobbies: tennis, films, driving and flying

Favorite Foods: Rolo's, and ham & cheese toasties

Pre-Competition Meal: pasta with tomato sauce, Mars bar

Favorite Athlete: Lewis Hamilton (Formula I)

Favorite Movie: "Hot Shots" 

Favorite Music: MGMT

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Egypt

Did You Know?: John is dyslexic and has found his involvement with sport, particularly when he was younger, to be critical in building his self-esteem.

U.S. National Championships (Colorado Springs): 7th
2011  NORCECA Championships (Guadalajara, Mexico): 17th
Domestic Qualifier (Palm Springs, Calif.): 6th

Domestic Qualifier (Colorado Springs, Colo.): 5th
World Cup #2 (Cairo, Egypt): 69th
2010  Winter Open (Palm Springs, Calif.): 4th

2009  Pan American Championships (Buenos Aires): 24th
2009  Junior World Championships (Taiwan): 58th
2009  NORCECA Championships - Junior: BRONZE
2009  USA Nationals - Junior: GOLD

2008  Junior World Championships (Egypt): 32nd
2008  USA Nationals - Junior: GOLD

2007  Junior World Championships (Portugal): 35th
2007  Youth A World Championships (S. Africa): 27th
2007  British Nationals - Youth A: BRONZE
2007  USA Nationals - Youth A: GOLD

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