Height: 5-11
Weight: 155
High School: Home schooled
College: Lynchburg College '09
Major: English
Genadijus Sokolovas 

2011 World Ranking (as of 11/16/11): 163rd
2011 World Cup Ranking: 98th
2011 National Ranking: 7th

Sports Played in High School: hunters and equitation (horseback riding)

Hobbies: eating, sleeping, reading, being 'right', fox hunting, being outdoors, and working with animals

Favorite Foods: anything breakfast-related

Pre-competition meal: red meats, lots of fruit and veggies, and carbs, plus 'good luck' chocolate

Favorite Athlete: Eric Liddell

Favorite Movie: "Life is Beautiful"

Favorite Music: blue grass and folk

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Argentina

Did You Know?: Caitlin played the bagpipes in high school

Quotable Caitlin Flathers: "I came to the sport of modern pentathlon through unusual channels. As a senior in college I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life so, while watching the Beijing Games, I decided a trip to the Olympics would be pretty cool. Without much of an athletic background, I really didn't have a sport so I proceeded to Google Olympic sports and picked the most obscure one I could find. And here I am today!"

2012  January Domestic Qualifier (Colorado Springs): 9th

December Domestic Qualifier in Colorado Springs: 9th
U.S. National Championships in Colorado Springs: 7th
Domestic Qualifier in Palm Springs, Calif.: 11th

Domestic Qualifier in Colorado Springs: 7th
Pan American Championships: 21st
U.S. Nationals (Senior Women): BRONZE
2010  Winter Open (Individual): BRONZE

2009  Pan American Championships (Team): SILVER

last updated 1/20/12