Andrew Tapia has competed in Pentathlon since he was 8 years old and has accomplished many milestones. He was the youngest pentathlete to compete in a word cup at age 12 years old. His mother laughs as she told him if he came in last he could not do it, he came in 9th out of 16. He has competed several times in Canada and went to his first youth championships in Tata, Hungary in 2012.

2013 Junior USA Regional Competition 1st place

2013 Youth A USA Regional Competition 2nd  place

2012 Youth A World Ranking 79 place

2012 Junior World Ranking 150 place

2012 Senior World Ranking 253 place

2012 Youth World Championships, Tata Hungary 35th place

2012 USA Men's Nationals 6th place

2012 USA Junior Nationals 5th place

2012 USA Regional Competition Youth A-2nd place

2012 USA Regional Competition Juniors-3rd place

2011 World Cup #1 Ranking 135 place

2011 USA Nationals

2010 Colorado Springs Division C Silver Medal

2010 Valentines Day Open Division C Gold Medal

2010 USA Nationals Division C Silver Medal

2010 USA Tetrathlon West Coast 1st place

2009 USA Nationals and Norseca Division D Gold Medal

2007 Canadian Summer Nationals Division D Gold Medal