Height: 5-10
Weight: 150
High School: Galena H.S. (Reno, Nev.)
Year of Graduation: 2011
Coaches: Janusz Peciak; Eric Momberg (fencing); Sharon Weiss (swimming); Domingo Tibaduiza & Tim Minor (cross country); Lynn Lloyd, Julie Winkel & Michael Cintas (riding) 
Website: www.andrewjayne.com

Current World Ranking as of 10/1/10: 107th
2010  Junior World Ranking: 52nd

Other Sports Played in High School: swimming (2 yrs varsity), rifle (2 yrs varsity), cross country (2 yrs junior varsity)

Hobbies: playing guitar

Favorite Food: ribs

Favorite Athlete: Columbian Olympic marathoner Domingo Tibaduiza

Favorite Movies: "The Doors Movie" & "Wayne's World"

Favorite Music: Blues

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: Egypt

Did You Know?: Andrew lived in Buena Vista, Baja California Sur, Mexico for 6 years.


  • 2010  Winter Open in Palm Springs, Calif. (Jr. Division): SILVER
  • 2009  Pan American Championships (Sr. Division): 18th (5084 points)
  • 2009  Pan American Championships (Jr. Division): 8th 
  • 2009  Youth Olympic Games Qualification Event (Argentina): 16th
  • 2009  Junior U.S. National Championships: BRONZE
  • 2009  Youth A U.S. National Championships: BRONZE
  • 2009  Senior NORCECA Championships: 16th
  • 2009  Youth A World Championships: 55th
  • 2009  Junior World Championships: 31st
  • 2009  Canadian National Championships Youth A: SILVER
  • 2009  Canadian National Championships Junior: BRONZE

last updated 10/3/10