Height: 6-1
Weight: 165

Coach: Elaine Cheris
High School: Farmington H.S. (Farmington, Minn.)
Year of Graduation: 2013

2011 Youth A World Ranking: 90th

2011 Junior National Ranking: 8th

Other Sports Played in High School:

Hobbies: dirt biking, climbing stuff, fencing, bike riding, airsoft and playing Call of Duty

Favorite Foods: Hamburger Helper, Elaine's vegetables and his mom's cooking

Pre-Competition Meal: anything he can eat

Favorite Athlete: Elaine Cheris

Favorite Movie: "Ace Ventura Pet Detective"

Favorite Music: rock and metal

Favorite Country Visited for Competition: USA!

Did You Know?: Aaron likes push-ups.


  • 2011  Youth A World Championships: 76th
  • 2011  National Championships (Sr. Division): 16th
  • 2011  National Championships (Jr. Division): 7th

last updated 11/16/11