Coaches Listing

National Team Coaches

First Name   Last Name    Position Email    Phone Number
Tokey Hill Director of Coaching Email
(516) 606-2088
Bob Allen National Team Coach Email (318) 651-7226
Dustin Baldis National Team Coach Email (412) 741-7448
Akira Fukuda National Team Coach Email (949) 351-2039
Tommy Hood National Team Coach Email (803) 467-4108
Jeff Kohn National Disabled Team Coach Email (847) 729-0001
John Limcaco National Team Coach
Christina Muccinni-Finnegan National Team Coach
Brian Mertel National Team Coach
Shannon Nishi-Patton
National Team Coach
Cheryl Murphy National Team Coach
Jim Buchen National Team Coach

SafeSport Accredited Coaches 

SafeSport accreditation requires that two step be completed, a NCSI background check, and the online SafeSport training course. Both of these need to be re-completed every two years.

To complete the background check go to and complete the necessary information with registration number 26244495.

To complete the SafeSport training visit Once complete email a copy of your certificate to

The following coaches have completed all SafeSport requirements and are welcome to coach during all signature USANKF events. 

Note: An application is still required per signature event through the event webpage under the "Events" tab above.

**Check back for current list of SafeSport accredited coaches**