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USA National Karate-do Federations Committee Members

Coaches Committee
Akira Fukuda (Chairperson)
Christina Muccinni-Finnegan
Tommy Hood
Brian Mertel
Jeff Kohn
 Ethics Committee
Sasha Gerritson (Chairperson) 
John LaTona
Clay Morton
Judicial Committee
Roger Moore (Chairperson)
Michelle PrudHomme
Ira Rogal
Jonathan Eichner
Sheela Venero

Medical Advisory Committee
Dr. Kathy Bailey (Chairperson)
Dr. Clay Morton
Dr. Blaine Kingsbury
Nominating and Governance Committee
 Mr. George Aschkar (Chairperson)
Dr. Miilorad Stricevic (Independent)
Mr. Cyrus Maddani (Official/Coach)
Mr. Ray Hughes (ASO)
Mr. George Kotaka (Athlete)

Referee Committee
Cleve Baxter (Chairperson)
Fariba Madani
Cedric Barksdale
Chris Hodgin
Will Gatch
Technical Committee 
Katsutaka Tanaka (Chairperson)
Ed Kuras
Doug Jepperson
Ramon Veras
George Kotaka