Save On Memberships In July

July 14, 2014, 12:59 p.m. (ET)


In addition to the individual membership discounts currently being offered, USA Judo is happy to announce that anyone who joins or renews July 22 through July 31 will be entered into a daily drawing for a USA Judo "Ringer" t-shirt.  One name will be drawn each day for the prior day's entries.

Also, one name will be drawn on August 1 for anyone who joins or renews in the month of July.  The lucky winner will receive an additional year's free membership.


July 22


Kevin Peng - Chicago Tenri Judo Club

July 23


Daniel Ortega - No Club Affiliation

July 24


Dakota Rowles - Judan Judo

July 25


David Yu - Northern California Judo Club 

July 26


Lee Koh, Southwest Judo Club 

July 27


Erika Robbins - Bushido Judo 

July 28


Alex Sciolla - No Club Affiliation 

July 29


Raymond Virgen - Family Martial Arts 

July 30


Lexus Ujano-De Motto - Denver Buddhist 

July 31


Shane Mattner - Wahadachi Judo Club

Club To Receive Complimentary 2015 club registration:

Judan Judo from Indiana
Judan Judo had 23 members join/renew in July

Clubs with top three highest renewals/joins:

  1. Judan Judo with 23 Wins 3 USA Judo shirts
  2. Three way tie between: OTC Judo, Denver Buddhist Judo and Ft. Worth Judo with 9 Wins 2 USA Judo shirts each
  3. Two way tie between: Ruben Martin Judo Club and Hill Judo with 8 Wins 1 USA Judo shirt each