2016 Competition Opportunities

Following is a list of Judo competition events that are available to USA competitors. All events with “EJU” designation are European Judo Union level, “PJC” is Pan American Confederation and “JUA” is Judo Union of Asia. Each of these events is the equivalent of a Junior (1995-2000) or Juvenile B/Cadet (1998-2000) Continental Cup.

The events that do not have one of the above noted labels are generally available for athletes of younger ages.





24 - 25    Warsaw, Poland
      Warsaw Judo Open 

International Judo Polish Open Men & Women U15 | U17 | U20


29 - 30    Lommel, Belgium
      Flanders Judo Cup

The Flanders Judo Cup will be held for the 11th time this year. What started as a big adventure today has become a fixed value in the world of judo. In a professional manner, we receive delegations from all over the world in collaboration with many loyal partners.

Tournament Dates: October 29-30
Training Camp Dates: October 31 - November 2


11 - 12    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
      Infantil Pan American 

The Infantile Pan American Championships (November 11 & 12) and the Caribbean Infantile Cup (November 13) will involve all Federations affiliated to the Pan American Judo Confederation and Caribbean Judo Confederation.

24 - 28    Bridgetown, Barbados
      16th Barbados International Judo Tournament

Barbados invites you to the 16th edition of the Barbados International Judo Tournament, and to the 2016 Caribbean Training Camp.

These events are growing in popularity year by year. It is through your support of, and participation in events such as these, that the Caribbean region will become strong, unified and developed.


3 -4    Harnes, France
      9th International Tournament of Judo Harnes

You MUST be a current USA Judo member, a USA citizen and you MUST be currently listed on a current USA Judo Elite Athlete Roster.

Contact Jim Hrbek at judolym@aol.com if interested.