2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

Pam Bustin – A ’96 Olympian, Bustin was a member of Team USA for 7 years.  She participated in the 1990 World Cup, the 1992 Olympic qualifier, a Champions Trophy tournament, and two Pan-American Games while earning 78 caps.  She was an assistant coach for the 2008 Beijing Olympic team helping them build towards qualification from 2006-2008, even served as US head coach at the 2007 ATA Holdings Cup in Baku, Azerbajian.  She has continued her involvement with USA Field Hockey as a coach at the junior national level.  Bustin is currently the head coach at Duke University where she recently guided the Blue Devils to the National Championship game, and earned the honor of South Regional Coach of the Year.

Tracey Fuchs – A two time USA Field Hockey Athlete of the Year, Fuchs was a standout for Team USA during her 17 years on the National Team.  She participated in 268 international matches on her way to earning the most caps in USA Field Hockey history.  Fuchs was a two-time Olympian, as well as a member on four different World Cup squads, and also competed in the Pan-American Games.  Fuchs is currently the Head Coach at Northwestern University where she has guided the Wildcat’s to multiple winning seasons since her arrival in Evanston. 

Katie Kauffman Beach – A member of the National Team from 1994-2004, Beach was a two time Player of the Year in 2000 and 2003.  Beach was a member of the 1996 Olympic Team.  She also competed at the World Cup in 1998 and 2002, and the Pan American Games in 1999 and 2003.  She earned more than 180 caps in her career and captained the squad in her final two seasons in 2003 and 2004.   After guiding Columbia University as the Head Coach for four seasons, Beach is now the Owner and Director of Windy City Field Hockey.

Kate “Tiki” Kinnear – A former standout at the University of North Carolina, Tiki began her career with the National Team in 1998.  She captained the team in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the first Olympic appearance for Team USA since 1996.  During her time on the national team, she also appeared in three World Cups and earned three silver medals in the Pan American Games.  Earning more than 200 caps in her eleven-year career, she was awarded USA Field Hockey Female Athlete of the Year five times.  Tiki continues her involvement with USA Field Hockey, as she is currently a member on the Board of Directors.

Jill Reeve – A 12-year member on the National Team, Reeve earned the honor of Athlete of the Year in 1999.  Reeve competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia, and was a member of the 1994, 1998, and 2002 World Cup Teams, earning a Bronze medal in the ’94 games in Ireland.  With 134 caps in her career, Reeve was a standout for Team USA during her time on the squad.  Reeve also served as captain for part of her time on the National Team.  Reeve is currently the head coach at Brown University, and has over twenty years of coaching experience at the collegiate level.

Nigel Traverso – A 1984 Olympian, Traverso was a stellar defender for Team USA.  With over 175 caps in his career, Traverso also competed in four different Pan American Games.  He founded Big Apple Hockey where he is promoting the game in the New York area.  A long- time coach, Traverso has also assisted the Men’s National Team in various different tournaments and events.  

1984 US Women’s Olympic Bronze Medal Team – The Bronze Medal won by the 1984 Women’s Olympic Team is the only Women's medal in the history of United States in field hockey at the Olympics.  After defeating Australia in a penalty shoot-out, USA captured the bronze medal.  USA Field Hockey is proud to honor its first team in the Hall of Fame on the 30th Anniversary of their triumphant victory.

Team Members: Beth Anders, Beth Beglin, Regina (Gina) Buggy, Gwen Cheeseman Alexander, Sheryl Johnson, Christine Larson-Mason, Kathleen McGahey, Anita Miller Huntsman, Leslie Milne, Charlene Morett, Diane Moyer, Marcella (Marcy) Place, Karen Shelton, Brenda Stauffer, Julia Staver, Judy Strong, Vonnie Gros (Coach), Marge Watson, Marge Garinger, Dr Ben Mayne (Doctor), Pam Chlad (Trainer)

 Hall of Fame Inductees
 Member  Induction Year
 1984 U.S. Women's Olympic Bronze Medal Team  2014
 Gwen Cheeseman Alexander  1989
 Beth Anders  1989
 Ruth Heller Aucott  1988
 Katie Kauffman Beach  2014
 Beth Beglin  1994
 Adele Boyd  1988
 Pam Bustin  2014
 Robin Cash  1988
 Gertrude Dunn  1988
 Frances Elliott  1988 
 Tracey Fuchs  2014
 Vonnie Gros   1988
 Mary Ann Leight Harris 
 Anita Corl Huntsman  1989
 Sheryl Johnson  1994
 Kate "Tiki" Kinnear  2014
 Jill Grant Lindenfeld  1989
 Leslie Lyness  2004
 Phyllis Stadler Lyon  1988
 Laurel Hershey Martin  2004
 Barbara Marois   2004
 Chris Larson Mason   1989
 Betty C. Miller  1988
 Charlene Morett   1989
 Christy Morgan  2004
 Joan Moser  1988
 Patricia Kenworthy Nuckols  1988
 Marcia Pankratz  2004
 Eleanore Pepper  1988
 Marcy Place  1994
 Chickie Geraci Poisson   1988
 Jill Reeve  2014
 F. Elizabeth Richey  1988
 Alison Hersey Risch  1988
 Nancy Sawin   1988
 Patricia Shea  2004
 Betty Shellenberger  1988
 Karen C. Shelton  1989
 Julie Staver  1989
 Barbara Strebeigh  1988
 Joan Edenborn Stiles  1988
 Pam Neiss Stuper   2004
 Bonnie Smith Taylor   1988
 Anne B. Townsend  1988
 Nigel Traverso  2014
 Anne McConaghie Volp  1988
 Alice Putnam Willetts  1988