Official Title Sponsor of the Futures Program 

Aspiring Futures Athletes must go through an individual trial with their High School, Middle School, or Club Coach to be considered for the 2016 Futures Program. Only athletes who are new to the Futures program must register for a trial. Athletes who participated in the 2015 Futures program last year do not need to register for a trial.

To be considered for the program athletes must follow the instructions below: 


Step 1: Register for a 2016 Individual trials
Step 2: Ask your coach to administer the trial
Step 3: Print off your Futures Individual Trial confirmation and bring it with you to your Futures Trial session


Only USA Field Hockey Partner Camps can recommend athlete for the Futures program. View a listing of the 2016 Partner Camps.


Coaches, Please follow these instructions to properly run a Futures Trial and submit results: 

Step 1: Inform your athletes that you are running a Futures Trial.
Step 2: 
Download the Futures Trial Information Document.
Step 3: Download the Futures Field Player and Goalkeeper Test Document for instructions on how to perform the trial.
Step 4: Perform all trials.
Step 5: Click here to enter the results.

Trial Results deadline has been extended until Sunday, November 15, 2015.