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Q: My daughter is 15 and should be playing in the U16 division of Futures, but her membership shows U19. What does this mean?
A: The U19 designation on Futures athletes' memberships is strictly a USA Field Hockey membership category (as is Youth, adult, coach and umpire). This does not effect an athlete's age-group classification in Futures. Athletes are automatically assigned to the correct age group for the Futures Program, but for USA Field Hockey membership purposes, all are classified as U19 members.

Q: Can you explain the age cut off or U19, U16 and U14?
A: An athlete's age on December 31of that given year determines what age group the athlete will be in for the following year. For example if the athlete is 15 on December 31 and turn 16 on January 1 they remain in the U16 division. Again the age of the athlete on December 31 determines their age grouping for the following year.

Q: Where can I find information on my particular Futures region?
A: Information for each Futures region is available by clicking here, Regional Directors will post important information on your regional site throughout the Futures Program. This is your link to information on schedules, weather cancellations and other region-specific information.

Q: What is the Futures Program?
A: The Futures Program is USA Field Hockey's Olympic Development Program. USA Field Hockey is the National Governing Body for Field Hockey in the U.S. and is a member of the United States Olympic Committee.

Q: What is the purpose of the Futures Program?
A: The purpose of the Futures Program is to raise the level of hockey throughout the United States and identify talented players that might be "future" Olympic level athletes.

Q: When does the Futures Program run?
A: Futures operates monthly training sessions January through May. The monthly training session can be either one full day (6 hours) or two half days (3 hours per session) a month depending on the site availability within each Futures Regions.

Q: How can athletes become involved in the Futures Program?
A: Athletes can sign up for Individual trials and be tested by their high school or club coach or be recommended into the program from a USA Field Hockey Partner Camp. Athletes still age qualified for Futures are invited to return as long as the athletes attended at least 50% of the sessions in Futures 2014. 

Q: How is the program administered?
A: The United States is divided into eleven regions. Each region operates different sites to accommodate as many athletes as possible. There is at least one Regional Director assigned to each region. The responsibility of the Regional Coaching and Administrative Directors (Regional Level) is to implement the program within their region. The Regional Directors work directly with the USA Field Hockey’s Manager of Futures and Olympic Development and the Coordinator of Futures and Olympic Development. On the local level each site is assigned a Site Director who administers the program and Head Coach who is responsible to teach the National Curriculum. Assistant coaches are assigned to each site to meet the 1:10 player to coach ratio required by the program directives.

Q: What is taught during each session?
A: All participants receive coaching based on a national curriculum which is updated annually. Each year our National Coaching staff analyzes the skills and tactics required to remain top competitors internationally. These concepts are adopted into the National Curriculum. Additionally the curriculum is designed to improve a participant’s basic fundamentals and tactics. Each participant in the program is given a tremendous opportunity to improve her understanding of the game.

Q: Who are the coaches?
A: USA Field Hockey seeks all interested coaches to become involved in the Futures Program. All coaches are required to hold Level I Coaching Certifications and be current members of USA Field Hockey. Head Coaches must minimally hold Level II Coaching Certifications. Regional Coaching Directors are responsible in making sure the curriculum is taught accurately and consistently within their regions, and ensuring the standardization of the program nationwide.

Q: What are the selection opportunities for the athletes?
A: The program culminates with a Regional Tournament held either in late May or early June. Top athletes are selected at the Regional Tournaments to attend the National Futures Championship held in early summer. Selections are made at the National Futures Championship to the next development opportunities which include the Futures Elite program, AAU Junior Olympic Games (for U16 athletes) or the Junior National Camp.

Q: What is the tuition?
A: There is tuition for athletes to participate in the Futures Program. The tuition is $485.00 in 2014 (must have current USA Field Hockey membership). Athletes that advance to the National Futures Championship, Elite Team Trials and Junior Olympics incur additional expenses.

Q: As a coach how can I become involved in the Futures Program?
A: Coaches can register to coach the Futures program by clicking here. For more information, contact your Regional Coaching or Administrative Director.

Q: What are the benefits of becoming involved in the Futures Program as a coach?
A: Coaches involved in the Futures Program stay current in the game. Coaches in the program work in conjunction with every involved USA Field Hockey coach in the country assuring consistency in the U.S game. The game is changing every year with new rules which require additional tactical skills and adjustments. Involvement assures coaches stay in the informational loop.