Athletes Advisory Council updates

July 16, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

Update: Due to the hiring of Pete Fenson and Ann Swisshelm to USA Curling's High Performance staff, two spots opened up on the AAC as well as for the USOC AAC representative position. After an internal AAC election, Jared Zezel will be the new USOC-AAC Representative and replace Fenson. Zezel will fill a director position on the USCA Board and Craig Brown will take the final director position.

Tabitha Peterson and Joe Polo have been appointed to fill the member-at-large positions on the AAC vacated by Jared (as he filled Pete's role) and Ann. Their terms will run through next spring (conclusion of the 2015 National Championships) and will be filled for another one year term through an election in conjunction with our other positions that need to be filled.  

Current AAC representatives on the USCA Board of Directors thus now include Craig Brown, Maureen Clark (chairwoman), Dean Gemmell, Allison Pottinger, and Jared Zezel with Jessica Schultz, Peterson and Polo filling non-director Board level standing committee positions.  

April 14, 2014

The results of the recent Athletes Advisory Council (AAC) election appoints the following athletes to two-year terms on the AAC: Dean Gemmell, Jessica Schultz, Ann Swisshelm, and Jared Zezel

Current USCA Board of Directors members for the AAC include Dean Gemmell, Ann Swisshelm, Allison Pottinger, Pete Fenson, Craig Brown, and Maureen Clark (chairwoman). Future appointments to the USCA Board to be determined.