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The USCA owns the rights to all digital and TV productions from all USCA championships (which includes the Internet and web streaming rights), and has licensed these to the U.S. Olympic Committee for an annual payment that helps support the growth and development of curling in many different ways. 

No one (including fans, teams or other individuals) may web stream any action from any USCA championship without prior approval from the USCA, and any streams that are authorized must go through the USCA/USOC web platform per contractual agreements. 

Please honor the contracts in place and do not attempt to web stream games on your own, or by having families or followers do it, as this will only cause problems for the various parties involved.

If you are competing in future events and want to discuss web streaming of games, please contact the USCA as far in advance as possible (two months or more is best, although we realize not all teams are qualified for events that far in advance).