Dear Athlete,

As the CEO of USADA my number one priority is to protect the rights of clean athletes, and as many of you know, the concerns surrounding the use of dietary supplements both from a health and anti-doping perspective is a real issue for athletes.

At USADA we have been working on creating an online tool to help athletes, NGBs and athlete support personnel better navigate the issues surrounding the decision to use dietary supplements. That’s why I am proud to announce the launch of our new website   

Supplement is a comprehensive web portal designed to help you understand why risk exists and what you can do to be a more informed athlete when deciding whether or not to use supplements.

Some of the things on Supplement that you should to be sure to check out include:

  • The supplement bottle video that gives an in-depth look at problems with packaging;
  • The High Risk list, which names specific supplements that are known to contain prohibited substances;
  • And also, the third party testing guide which helps evaluate independent supplement testing companies;  

USADA remains committed to helping athletes who want to compete clean and healthy and I sincerely hope that Supplement will be an effective tool you can use.


Travis Tygart