Event/Discipline: Wildwater, K-1M
Current Residence: Boulder, Colorado
Occupation: Sports Chiropractor
Current school/Alma matter: University of Missouri at Kansas City; Cleveland College of Chiropractic  
Personal Website: www.coloradosportschiro.com/custom_content/103019_jeremy_rodgers_dc_atc.html

Wildwater Information: 
How I started paddling wildwater: 
Mike Freeburn, one of the US’s most prolific wildwater paddlers was my mentor and adventure racing teammate. His Zen like presence encouraged the switch from adventure racing to flatwater kayak racing finally to wildwater. I was always impressed with his prowess on the water and the level of professionalism he brought to the sport.

I miss the adventure racing experiences like loading a kayak on a shopping cart and rollerblading it across the state of Washington or hitching a ride with the Chilean Navy across the Strait of Magellan but I’m excited about the challenges of the 2009 wildwater season.

The class(es) you race: K-1

Local and Regional results of note:

  • Colorado River Race Record Holder 2009
  • Colorado Pole, Pedal, Paddle Race Record Holder 2009
  • Former nationally ranked adventure racer with multiple top 20 international placings.

International Results: 
Multiple Top 20 Results in Eco Challenge, Raid World Championships, Primal Quests, and Patagonia Expedition Races.

Years on US Wildwater National Team: 1

Other Paddling/Sports/Hobbies: 
As an adventure racer, I enjoy all aspects of wilderness competition including orienteering, ski mountaineering, fixed ropes, mountain biking, coastal sea kayaking, Nordic skiing, and roller blading.

Personal Information:

  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Kids: nope
  • Height: 5’ 9”
  • Weight: 165
  • Music: Favorite Band...U2
  • Food Favorites: Lasagna
  • What you do to get ready for a race: : Pushups. Seriously, on raceday I’ve found the longer approach I take downstream to the staging area the more relaxed I am for turning the power on full blast, even more so than warming up with attainments. My general training principles utilize combining both speed work and volume with a focus on recovery, specifically increasing my intensity and lowering volume as the event nears. While cliché, I see too many paddlers overtrain volume with substandard recovery and subsequently lack intensity. It’s challenging to balance a career, training, and family but in some ways I feel more focused than if I were a full-time athlete.
  • What you do after a race: If you’re referring to my first year on the national team, I’d say take a hot shower and slip on my KEEN sandals then repair my kayak. This year I hope to be a lot more relaxed in big water with the mentoring from my teammates.


  • Boat (Make/model): Zastera Composites Clipper
  • Paddle: Zastera Large Burton Wing 209cm , Prijon Medium Rasmussen Wing
  • Helmet: Sweet Protection
  • Spraydeck: Prijon
  • Life Jacket: Astral Newton
  • Paddling Clothes: Immersion Research Zephyr (Short-sleeve) and Comp LX (Long-sleeve)
  • Shoe: KEEN Payette and Yougui
  • Car: 07 Toyota FJ Cruiser
  • Favorite energy bar/food: Clif Bar Mojo and Clif Blocks. My favorite pre race meal is bagel and peanut butter. It’s just enough to put some volume into my stomach but not enough to spike by blood sugar followed by rapid drop.
  • Other outdoor gear: I’d put REI out of business if I disclosed this.

For more information please visit USA Wildwater, the official website for wildwater, at www.usawildwater.com.